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Pearl manicure: gentle nail design ideas

Pearl manicure is a great alternative to nail art with sequins. Just decorate the nail with one pearl, as the design will immediately reincarnate. The manicure will tease with new colours, and you will get compliments. So, today we have prepared for you a selection of gentle pearl manicure ideas, which will be appropriate not only at the wedding.

If you want to make a manicure with pearls bright, it is better to choose cool pastel shades: blue, pink, pistachio.

But with dark shades should be especially careful: black and dark brown must be “diluted”. Otherwise, the manicure will not look spectacular.

A special rub will help to create such a unique design. Spraying is a crumbly base consisting of shimmering particles. The powder is applied with a brush, fingers or a cotton swab on any varnish.

Short nails are a good “canvas” for a pearl manicure with an ombre design. To create it, you will need a rubbing powder of white and light pink shades. Combine it to look like a French manicure with a soft transition from one shade to another. The result looks beautiful but also visually stretches the nails.

Accent, but unobtrusive manicure, which can be both casual and elegant. Instead of triangles, free space can be made semicircular (lunar manicure).

Another option for unobtrusive design with pearls in warm hues. It resembles a delicate pearl necklace. If you have a cool colour scheme, you can use a pink lining and silver paste to create a pattern.

The next is a stylish manicure, which contained several techniques.

Pearls and lace is an incomparable combination that will make any wedding manicure refined, elegant and solemn.

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