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Pearl manicure: step-by-step tutorial of fashionable design

The pearl manicure was at the peak of popularity at zero due to its accent – such colours are very original. They always stand out among others. For this reason, manicure in nacreous shades is so often done on holidays, in particular, at weddings. Today it is back in fashion, although the technology has changed a bit. How? Read about it in our new article.

  1. Make a hygienic manicure. Remove the cuticle, shape the nails, treat them with a buff, cover with a dehydrator and ultrabond.
  2. Cover the nails with the base and dry them in a UV or LED lamp.
  3. Apply a coloured coating and fix it in the lamp. You may need several coats or white backing.
  4. Then, put a top without a sticky layer, dry it in a lamp.
  5. Take a thin foam eyeshadow applicator and apply nail polish. If you have gaps, apply a pearlescent rub with your fingers (will increase the consumption of material, but will raise the quality of the coating).
  6. Remove the remnants of rubbing with a brush, treat the ends of the nail with a buff and fix the design again with a top (this layer should also be dried in a UV lamp).

Trendy manicure with pearlescent shine is ready. You can watch the video tutorial below

If desired, you can complement the manicure with stones or sequins. Designs with a marine theme will also look harmonious: wavy patterns, pearls, shells. Pearlescent shades with the French technique look luxurious. Gentle French manicure and sparkling mother-of-pearl varnish are the perfect options for a festive nails.

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