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Pencil, shadows or wax: everything for perfect eyebrows

Beauty influencers told us all about the importance of eyebrow treatment. We know what shape is in trend and how to grow thick eyebrows. But the question of how to dye them remains open. Therefore, GoBeauty Blog has prepared for you a detailed guide on all eyebrow products.


Before makeup, you need to comb your eyebrows with a brush. It is a vital step to take before each eyebrow dye. Do you comb the hair before you start styling? It is the same.

Eyebrow pencil should be of medium hardness. Very soft will not work: the lines will look blurry and sloppy. And solid will scratch the skin.

We begin to draw an eyebrow from the head. At the base, we press the pencil harder, and closer to the tips of the hair we weaken the pressure. It will change the intensity of the colour, which will add naturalness to the eyebrows. Eyebrows should not be equally intensely dyed!

In the end, be sure to walk with an eyebrow brush, directing hair up to soften the lines.

Brow shadows

The advantage of this method is that you do not need to buy a special product. You can use regular eye shadows, combining hues.

Before starting work, clean the eyebrow area with micellar water. Then use a brush to comb the eyebrow hairs. If necessary, make a shape correction. Apply eye shadows to the eyebrow.

There are several ways to apply it:

  1. Use three tones of shadows. The contour is drawn with the lightest one. The base of the eyebrow is filled with the same shade, and from the middle of the eyebrow should use a darker colour. The tail of the eyebrow is better to emphasize the darkest of shades.
  2. Starting from the tail, fill the eyebrow with one shade. When choosing this method, remember that the base of the eyebrow should remain the lightest.

Brow mascara

Using mascara is an easy way to add density to your eyebrows. Because the mascara envelops the hairs, they become stronger. There are mascaras with the effect of care and oils, after which your eyebrows will become thicker.

Makeup artists recommend this product to girls with naughty eyebrows and those who have naturally thin eyebrow hairs.

To apply mascara easily and accurately, buy a product with a miniature brush on the end.


We got used to the lip tint and fell in love with it. Now we have eyebrow tints! They come in several types:

  • film tint;
  • gel tint.

The difference is not only in texture but also in durability. The gel tint lasts for several days, and the film tint durable for about a month.

Preparing eyebrows before applying ink:

  1. Get rid of excess hair.
  2. Put them in the desired shape.
  3. Take a brush and apply the product without going beyond the contours of the natural shape of the eyebrows.

How to dye eyebrows with tint:

  1. Pre-outline the contour with a pencil.
  2. Then paint it with ink.
  3. Wait as long as specified in the instructions.
  4. Remove acceptably, depending on the product (the film is simply removed, the gel is washed off with water).

Wax or eyebrow varnish

Not everyone uses gel or wax as the final stage of eyebrow makeup. But the girls who suffer from the fact that the hairs stick out in different directions or grow down, apparently, ended more than one bottle of this product.

The transparent gel adds volume and texture to the eyebrows, and the colour also visually thickens and makes them brighter.

It is easy to use: when you have dyed your eyebrows with a pencil or shadows, apply a little fixing wax on top.

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