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Perfect blonde: TOP no yellow shampoos

Often, as a result of lightening the hair turns yellow. This may be due to the hairdresser’s unprofessionalism, incorrectly selected tone or poor quality hair dye. You can correct the situation with a special no yellow shampoo for blondes.

Purple and silver pigments are at the heart of the shade, getting on the hair, affect its structure. As a result of this reaction, the yellowness disappears and the curls get a cold tint. GoBeauty Blog has prepared a selection of the best no yellow shampoos, choose!

John Frieda Sheer Blonde

This product is suitable for toned and light curls and gradually illuminates the curls with regular use. Hair becomes more shimmery and brighter. Application is not difficult. The product is applied and foamed like a regular shampoo. Then the curls should be thoroughly washed. The composition has a unique complex, Light Enhancers, which retains a rich and smooth shade. The product can be used not only to get rid of the yellowness but also for the restoration of dried, dull and damaged hair. After several applications, the hair becomes shiny.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Freeze Silver Shampoo

Retains colour, effectively removes yellow pigmentation. The cosmetic composition gives a silvery shade to lighted and grey curls. It helps maintain the cool shine of dyed hair. The application is simple. Apply the liquid evenly and then leave it for 5 minutes. After that, the head should be thoroughly washed. The shade composition gives a rich cold and silver tone. The product lengthens the dye resistance and protects against harmful external factors.

Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde

The manufacturer positions Bed Head as the best shampoo to neutralize the yellowness of lightened hair. The composition includes keratin, vitamin E. The product is packed in a bright purple bottle with a built-in dispenser. The colour is bright blue, the texture is gentle, the smell is nice. When used, it is recommended to apply on the hair, spread over the entire length and leave for 1-10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

Customer reviews tell about the fast-paced lightening effect. However, it does not dry the hair. It becomes a cold shade after the first wash, the yellowness disappears. Users like the presence of a dispenser that allows using shampoo economically. The high cost, in this case, is justified, since 400 ml of the product is long enough. The structure of the hair becomes softer, the static effect disappears. Buyers warn that Bed Head paints the hands slightly in blue, but it rinses off effortlessly.

REDKEN Brews Silver Shampoo

The leader is a professional brand shampoo from the United States, which is a popular home treatment. It adjusts the colour of any hair, including natural, light and grey. The extra purple pigment copes even with intense orange undertones, eliminating stains. The result of the application – elegant and noble shades of cold blond with shimmer and radiance. The formula does not contain corrosive chemical ingredients. Herbal extracts soothe a sensitive scalp. Natural oils nourish, protect against the effects of natural factors and thermal appliances. The shampoo creates a lot of foam that removes all the dirt. Just a few minutes are enough for the warm tones to become silvery-ashy.

Branded packaging distinguishes REDKEN from other brands. The bottle looks expensive but very convenient. According to reviews, thanks to the high concentration of pigments and thick consistency, a bottle of 300 ml is used as long as the products of other brands, packaged in 1000 ml.

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