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Pressotherapy: a fashion novelty for fast weight loss

There are many new hardware techniques aimed at combating excess weight and flabbiness of the skin among cosmetology centres services. Non-invasive procedures have become effective analogues of plastic surgery since they are capable of giving almost the same effect without risk to health. One of the relatively new ways to correct figure is pressotherapy. What is the essence of the procedure and what is the expected effect? Let’s understand together.

How the method works

Pressotherapy (pneumo-drainage) is an apparatus massage in which the body’s natural fluids act as points of application to squeeze out from outside. Before the procedure, the client wears a special suit (that covers the entire body, except for the feet and hands, as well as neck and head) consisting of separate sections with air. The pressure in suit is much higher than the atmospheric pressure, and its supply is carried out with pauses. The pressure force and its periodicity are controlled programmatically.

When squeezing cells in the human body, the intercellular space is cleared, excess fluid is withdrawn along with waste and toxins. The impact is on the lymphatic system mainly, which improves metabolism, blood flow, restores the reserves of pure intracellular and intercellular fluid.

What is the expected effect?

Pressotherapy is suitable for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not very carefully monitors the diet. To those who have extra pounds and blood stasis in the pelvis and legs. Studies have shown that the effect of one pneumodrainage session is comparable to 1-2 workouts in the gym and several sessions of general strengthening massage. After 3-5 procedures, body volumes decrease by a few centimetres. Pressotherapy is a good method of combating local deposits of fat, where it is difficult to “get” by training.


The procedure also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but only in combination with electrolypolysis. To make the cosmetic effect of procedure even more pronounced, experts recommend using infrared heat in the process, which stimulates metabolism and removal of excess fluid from the body.

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