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Proper care for the dyed hair or say “NO” to the premature loss of colour

Dyed hair needs special care, because if you get inappropriate care – it quickly becomes dull, and it does not look so attractive anymore. So, what is the secret of proper care?

First of all, you need to use only professional shampoos for dyed hair. "Why do you need to do this?" Because professional shampoo has its pH. For dyed hair, suitable sour shampoos: have a low level of alkalis pH 5.5. Thus, they carefully clean the hair without affecting the colour pigment.

Unfortunately, the mass market shampoos, not specified pH and about its level we can only suggest. That is why professional cosmetics for hair care are different from cosmetics, which are sold on shelves in regular stores.

One of the best products for dyed hair is GKhair (USA).

GKhair Juvexin Color Protection Shampoo and GKhair Juvexin Color Protection Conditioner are ideal hair care products. The exclusive JUVEXIN formula, combined with optimally picked ingredients will give your hair a unique look. The outcomes of this brand do not contain sulfates and parabens in its composition.


The ultra-soft formula cleans hair carefully and does not injure it, ensuring support for perfect hair health, smoothness and obedience. Due to the high concentration of keratin, the products provide a low supply and recovery from the inside. Besides, the formula creates a unique protective shield from UV/UVA rays.

The next product that is worth your attention is a hair cosmetics of the Italian Shot company: Shot Care Design Color Care Treated Shampoo + Shot Design Color Care Treated Mask.

This is an exclusive professional series for the care of dyed hair at home. The non-silicone formula and natural ingredients make it suitable for frequent use. The structure includes ceramides, goji berries and mono milk.


Shot cosmetics nourish, moisturise, protect and preserve the coloured pigment of the hair.

All these recommended products are of different pricing policies. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to choose the most successful at a desirable price.

So, listening to the recommendations of your hairdresser-colourist, you will always have groomed hair with vibrant colour for an extended period. But you should remember – the hairdresser will do everything possible to make the colour of your hair pleasant to you, but the support and protection of colour depend only on you.


Yana Skoroda

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