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Psychologists made sure which eye colour is considered the most attractive

Without a doubt, everyone determines the attractiveness of eye colour in their own way. But there is eye colour, which according to statistics is considered more attractive to most people. And psychologists know why.

According to world statistics, the rarest eye colour is grey. It occurs in less than 2% of people. People with green eyes make up 2%, with amber – 5%, with blue – 8-10%, and with brown – 78%.

A recent study showed that the rarest eye colour – grey – is considered by people to be the most attractive. And the most common – brown – is the least attractive.

“It’s not surprising that the rarer the eye colour, the more people like it,” says psychologist and PhD Carla Marie Manley.

“According to primitive survival mechanisms, the human mind and human eye tend to notice that which is different and unique”.

There are several studies linking eye colour with personality features. They say that people with brown eyes are worse at sport and more reckless in their relationship with alcohol. And people with bright eyes, according to the study, are worse in communication and more competitive.

Also, during the survey, respondents called blue-eyed people the sexiest, and those who had brown eyes were more often characterized as kind people.

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