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Rethink what has been done: 8 major mistakes in eye makeup, Photo 763

26 July 2022


Rethink what has been done: 8 major mistakes in eye makeup

Believe us, even those who have extensive experience in eye makeup make mistakes. Makeup with an emphasis on the eyes is the most popular and most common among girls, but, unfortunately, the result is not always pleasing. For example, you wanted to make beautiful and open eyes, and as a result, they began to look even smaller. Let’s understand together how to do it well.

Mistake №1: No cosmetics at all

If you did not do makeup, of course, it’s not a mistake. But if you apply the tone and even more so make the correction of the oval face, be prepared for the fact that the eyes will be “lost” in the general background… In this case, you need to at least apply black mascara to add depth to the glimpse. And ideally, of course, do at least a light makeup: for example, with shades of pastel colours and eye wings.

Mistake №2: Do not use a primer

To keep the shadows longer and not crumble, it is better to use a primer or foundation as a base. Often girls apply shadows on the “naked” eyelid, and then it crumbles. Moreover, the eye shadows applied to the primer give a more saturated colour. A thin layer of the base will help retain pigment and make makeup stable.

Mistake №3: Leave gaps between the eyeliner and the lash line

Most girls, when drawing eye wings, forget to fill the intercalary space with eyeliner or pencil. The result is a noticeable white stripe between the wings and the lashes. We recommend first to draw the interstitial space and only then – the main wings. This will make the look more expressive, “foxy”.

Mistake №4: Circle the contour with liquid eyeliner

It seems logical: you want to enlarge your eyes, so make the contour wider… However, in practice, the effect is the opposite, and clear lines connected at the corners, visually narrow the eyes. Not only eyeliner but also a pencil can play a nasty joke if you contour the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid. At the very least, such an eyeliner should be supplemented with a line along the outer edge of the eyelid, made with shadows, and carefully shaded.

Mistake №5: Untidy eyelashes

Mascara lumps or “spider paws” on the lower eyelashes are inadmissible in any makeup. Remember, if you apply several layers of mascara, you visually make your eyes heavier. Therefore, use only an extension mascara with a silicone brush for the lower lashes.

Mistake №6: Bright eyes and lips

Failure to choose one of the two can ruin your whole look. For example, with intense eye makeup, prefer dull or brown shades on your lips. And if you want to use bright lipstick, then eye makeup should remain minimal.

Mistake №7: Too light concealer under the eyes

If you are used to masking bruises under the eyes with a light highlighter, you are forced to disappoint. In the distance, it looks like you’re sunbathing with sunglasses on.

The truth is that a light shade adds volume, which means that puffiness under the eyes can visually look bigger than it is. The light-reflecting particles in the concealer are correct. But it should not be applied to the entire undergrowth area, but only to the area of the nasolacrimal sulcus, so that the effect of volume is added where it is needed – in the cavity. Then the “bag” under the eye is visually aligned.

Mistake №8: Shadows colour = eyes colour

This stereotype has long been established: the colour of the eye shadows, coinciding with the shade of the eyes will increase their brightness and expressiveness. The opposite is true. Your eyes will be “lost” in the background of shadows and the glance will be dim. Each eye colour has its winning range of shadows and eyeliners. Beige, bronze, brown, light grey and violet shades will suit green eyes. Owners of blue eyes should pay attention to grey, copper, purple, beige, gold, silver and dark grey shades. On brown eyes, it is better to create makeup in purple, lilac and green tones.