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SPA: treatments for beauty and pleasure

SPA-procedures, as a way of body care and relaxation, were invented in the V century BC. What has changed since then and what is a spa, as well as what types of procedures exist for different parts of the body. Let’s find out together.

What it is SPA

SPA is a physiotherapeutic procedure for body healing with water. Initially, the term SPA referred to a method of treating the skin with purified and salt-saturated seawater. But over time, the procedure has evolved and expanded. Treatment can be very different: herbal cocktails and mud application, lymphatic drainage massage, steaming in the sauna and more.

Varieties of SPA

SPA-procedures are divided according to the place of influence:

  • for hair;
  • for the face;
  • for hands;
  • for the feet;
  • for the body;
  • comprehensive programs.

Hair treatments

Hair spa includes treatments aimed at improving its condition. Unlike other types, it is usually performed in a hairdresser’s chair.

Facial care

It is aimed at relieving fatigue, traces of insomnia, improving skin condition, lifting.

For hands and feet

The complex for hands includes not the only manicure. Paraffin therapy remains popular among various clients, which quickly gives the hands a well-groomed look.

For foot it is not only a pleasure but also a very beneficial procedure. Anti-varicose and anti-edematous baths with a therapeutic effect will help to overcome the relevant problems.

Body care

The benefits of such procedures for the body can not be overestimated: rejuvenation, detox, relaxation of the body, tone increasing.

Body wrapping and massages are the most popular complexes of SPA procedures. Before the massage, a set of procedures for cleansing the skin is usually performed. For example, hot bath, wrapping or peeling.

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