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Safe makeup: eco-glitter

Sparkling makeup is a long-lasting trend. Small bright pieces have long been an indispensable attribute of makeup artists. And the days when glitter was used only for the holidays are over. More recently, environmentally friendly sequins have appeared. What products are there with them, and what are their advantages? We will tell you about them below.

Environmental problems of glitter

The source of microplastics can be not only synthetic clothing but also cosmetics. Different products contain from 1 to 90% of various plastic components. Glitter is a popular beauty trend in recent years. It is used not only for makeup but also added to nail polishes, face masks, shower gels and bath foams.

Few people know that glitter is the same microplastic. It is made of polyethene terephthalate (PET) and aluminium. Upon contact with wastewater, it does not decompose, but is sent to travel on water bodies, accumulates in the organs of marine animals and can potentially be found in human food. But an ecological alternative for those who like to give their lives a little shine still exists – bio glitter.

Ecological products

Environmentally safe glitters have been around for years. It is made of natural material – cellulose. However, the price is ten times higher than when using plastic.

Now several brands produce biodegradable glitter or use it. For example, Eco Glitter Fun, Lush, Dolls Kill, Primark.

Here are cool examples of loose glitter and cosmetics with it:

Lottie London Eco Glitter

Biodegradable sequins of plant ingredients have soft comfortable texture.

Dolls Kill eyeshadows

It has a liquid creamy texture with a slight sheen.

ISIDALIBRA crumbly bio glitter

Biodegradable glitter is four times thinner than traditional. Besides, it is so soft and gentle that it is imperceptible on the skin.

BOD shimmer spray

The product also contains multicoloured, shimmering sequins and mother-of-pearl.

Mica eco-glitter

In addition to vegetable pulp, another material can be used to create eco-glitter – mica. The natural mineral is contained in decorative cosmetics (highlighters, shimmers, shadows)”.

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