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Save your beauty: skincare at home

Many girls are worried about the problem of skincare at home now. How to preserve and enhance your beauty without going outside and not resorting to the services of a cosmetologist? We talk about this today.

Enough water

A long-known secret for everyone! Most people think that water only helps moisturize the entire body, but drinking plenty of water can give you the healthy glow of skin you are looking for. Water flushes out toxins and dead cells that can clog the skin.

How much water is enough? This is a question that the experts have unanimously not found the answer to, but most operate on the rule of eight. This means that you should drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Ironically, drinking water can also help eradicate other types of skin problems, such as cellulite and stretch marks.

Stop touching your face

A tip that is extremely relevant right now and should be followed.

Most of us start rubbing our face, neck or chin when we are bored or nervous. This leads to more and more rashes.

Wash or change the pillowcase at least once a week

Even if you cleanse your skin and apply the highest quality serum at bedtime, acne-causing bacteria can make their way through your bed. The pillow should be made of artificial material and the pillowcase should be cotton or silk. Wash it at least once a week, and if not, steam it with a hot iron daily.

Skin detox

Detox involves the removal of toxins and cell products from the skin. These harmful substances accumulate in the skin cells, disrupting their work. As a result, the metabolic processes in the skin slow down, it dims, fluid stagnation, swelling and dark circles under the eyes, a network of wrinkles and rashes. With the help of detoxification, harmful substances are excreted naturally through the blood, lymph and skin.

The procedure is performed in several steps.

Stage 1 – surface cleansing of the skin

This is the first place to start a detox program. Tocopherol and organic silicon will help neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and clear pores from the accumulated fat layer. They are found in cleansers for the respective series of care products.

Stage 2 – deep cleansing

It will be provided by green clay, which, like a magnet, removes clogs and slag from the pores. And the silver present in this mineral improves metabolism in cells.

Stage 3 – toning

Bring the skin to tone and soothe it after is the task of white clay. Not only does it polish the pores to shine, but it also narrows them. A nice bonus for oily skin owners will be a matte T-zone throughout the day.

Stage 4 – night care

The night detox procedure will be effectively carried out by Vitamin C, which fights oxidative stress. It performs “repair work”, preparing the face for a new day and building a natural defence against the aggressive effects of the environment.

A relaxing massage will help enhance the effect of detox treatments. It will disperse the lymph, saturate the skin cells with oxygen and increase the permeability of cosmetics. Undoubtedly, the effect after such an active impact is striking: the skin becomes softer and smoother, the complexion is fresher.


Balanced nutrition

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals causes many problems related to a skin condition. That is why it is important to have a healthy and balanced diet. We recommend that you include the following products in your list: nuts, broccoli, avocados, citrus fruits. All of these foods are incredibly beneficial to your body as a whole.


Vitamins should also be saturated with skin locally. That is, use vitamin-fortified creams and serums. The most important vitamins for skin regeneration are A, C and E. These are the most powerful antioxidants that also prevent free radicals from attacking, preventing premature ageing. Vitamin C enhances skin immunity, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves complexion. Vitamin E smoothes, tightens the skin, activates blood circulation. And Vitamin A starts the recovery process and fights photoaging.

Face yoga

The goal of face yoga is to work your facial muscles so that they do not lose tone. The principle of training is the same as in the gym when sculpting a figure – we give the right load, we get the result – elastic muscles, tight skin.

Coaches consider face yoga a great alternative to botox and plastic surgery. The face and body age because of the muscles contract with age. Exercise prevents this and allows you to maintain and improve muscle shape.

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