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Saving case: how to store cosmetics properly

Each of us has a mass of every possible beauty products in tubes, jars and capsules at home and at work. Proper storage will not only prolong the life of beauty products but also preserve the health of the skin. The most simple and convenient thing to store cosmetics for a long time was a beautician. However, after the appearance of a large number of various cosmetics for perfect make-up (bronzers, concealers, highlighters, etc.), the arsenal of beauty products has ceased to fit into your favourite beautician. But there is also a standard set of tools for everyday use: tonal basis, shadows, mascara, eyebrow pouches, lipsticks, pencils for lips and eyes, blush. Therefore on a change to shapeless beauticians were send cosmetics savings cases that have a rigid form.

The beauty case is a roomy box with a handle, inside of which there are lots of compartments of very different width and depth. It is their presence that allows organizing the convenient storage of all cosmetics. Thanks to this wonderful beauty case, you can find lipgloss of the desired shade at any time and compact blush or powder and shadows will always remain whole and clean. Reliable locks do not allow content to crumble and deteriorate.

Basic Storage Rules

  1. Compact powders, rouge and shadows can be stored in a briefcase or cosmetic table for no more than 2 years. It is important to regularly clean brushes with which they are applied to the skin.

  2. Mascara is capricious and retains its properties for about 3 months. If it is opened in a circular motion, without letting air, the expiration date can be extended for a couple of months.


  1. The beauty case with lipsticks and lipgloss cannot be left in the sun or next to a battery or heater. These funds like darkness and coolness. So the consistency is better preserved.


  1. Tonal basis and corrective agents also do not like light and heat, like lipsticks. They can be used for no more than 5 months if stored in a cool and dry place. It is important to close all the tubes very carefully.


  1. Eye pencils, pencils for eyebrows and lips will last longer if they are stored in a case with caps.


  1. Creams should be kept in the refrigerator. Also, it is worth remembering that it’s better to get it from jars not with your finger, but with a special spatula or brush. After that, it is important to thoroughly clean it.


  1. To extend the shelf life of your favourite perfume, it is worth keeping it in the refrigerator, on the door.


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