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Sex symbols of the last century

These women became standards of beauty, style, originality. Some have become famous for their kindness and extraordinary acting talents, and some for stormy love adventures and early death. One way or another, they were the favourites of millions, and their impact on the film, fashion, and beauty industries is hard to overstate. In our new article TOP-5 sex symbols of the last century.

Sophia Loren

The passionate Italian from the suburbs of Naples became an international sex symbol in an instant. Bright, noticeable beauty, explosive temperament and participation at a young age in the filming of erotic films made her attractive to men, the role in films about the difficult women’s fate – for everyone, and talent – for film critics. Sophia Loren – winner of the Oscars and an unimaginable number of other movie awards has lived with one man with whom she has two sons. At 72, she starred for the Pirelli calendar.

Marilyn Monroe

Everyone understands perfectly why this actress was named the sexiest woman of the century. But it is impossible to explain the magic of her voice and coloured curls. The hourglass figure, stunning cinematic and photogenic character, boundless charm and desire to become famous have made the girl from a very disadvantaged family a world star.

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Brigitte Bardot

French actress, a recognized sex symbol of the 1960s. Her life is divided into periods of male reign: it was with Roger Vadim, it was with Jean-Louis Trintignant, here it was with Gilbert Bécaud, and then – with Jacques Charrier … In her youth, she often fell in love with movie partners. Subsequently, her men became younger, and their occupation became increasingly indistinct. Some are already very much like Alfonso. After a painful affair with Gilbert Bécaud, she swore never to fall in love with a married man again.

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In recent years, Brigitte Bardot has lived in complete solitude in the resort city of Saint-Tropez, settling her farm with all kinds of wildlife.

Audrey Hepburn

Actress, dancer, style icon and one of the most famous actresses in the world. About the star of the golden age of Hollywood, the whole world learned and talked after the movie “Roman Vacation”.

Audrey Hepburn‘s talents would be enough for several lives. She knew five languages, excelled in drawing and was seriously engaged in the ballet. But as a result, she chose the theatre and cinema. Due to the shooting in the movie “Roman Vacation”, the princess with the “deer eyes”, as her American journalists nicknamed her, did not even marry a millionaire. But the Hollywood debut brought worldwide success.

Among her men were Humphrey Bogart and Fred Astaire, Cary Grant and Sean Connery. Many of them became friends of the actress for life. But in her personal life, Audrey was not happy: the first two marriages broke up, she could not have children for a long time. Only in her third marriage did she say she was finally happy.

Since the mid-60’s she has almost ceased to be filmed. She has dedicated her last years to charity. With her humanitarian missions, Audrey Hepburn has travelled to many third world countries.

Kim Basinger

After the release of the “Nine and a half weeks” movie, Kim became a Hollywood sex symbol. The rare man then did not admire her blond hair, green eyes and slender, sexy figure. The directors lined up to get her into their pictures.

The personal life of the stunning blonde cannot be called successful. The first marriage to makeup artist Ron Britton led Kim to hysterics and alcoholism, they divorced after eight years of marriage. In addition, after her divorce, she had to remit her former alimony. In the movie, “Batman” Basinger was seen by Alec Baldwin. Unfortunately, their union also broke up after a seven-year cohabitation.

Recently “Fifty Shades of Freedom” was presented, starring in which she once again proved that beauty is independent of age.

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