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Simple ways to relieve stress

Did you wake up smiling? That’s excellent! Sometimes our day resembles an excerpt from the film with fast movements around the city, endless calls, and a hundred problems simultaneously. That is why it is so crucial to get enough sleep and eat well because it will be more difficult for the little animal with the “Stress” fluffy name to get to you.

Stress is a state of tension in the human body as a defensive reaction to various adverse factors (cold, hunger, physical or psychological trauma). From time to time, it is common to experience slight stress, and it is normal. Work, everyday life, even weather conditions sometimes exhaust the human psyche. The main thing is to know how you can competently help yourself to cope with experiences.

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There are effective ways to relieve stress quickly and without the use of drugs:

Breathing exercises

For example, you have a few minutes before going live on Instagram but you feel emotional. The banal five deep breaths through the nose and exhales through the mouth will help. The habit of breathing regularly will work for everyone and will help fight irritability and anxiety.

Meditation or yoga

In the modern world, there are a variety of free meditation applications with which you can quickly “turn off your thoughts”. Everything you need is desire and 5-7 minutes. Yoga is, in a way, the same meditation combined with physical education. Focusing on the sensations in the body, forgetting about all the annoying factors, is always a great idea.


Before you tell your husband or wife everything that you think about him or her, before responding with a slap in the face to the child’s bad behaviour, try going into the bathroom, washing yourself with cool water, close your eyes and let the brain stop for a while.

Remember, everyone, even the most cheerful person, can experience stress. And if you feel that you may be defeated in an unequal struggle, do not hesitate to visit a competent psychotherapist.

Have a stress-free day!

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