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10 November 2022


Skincare: dermatologist's advice

Modern women know many skincare habits. However, not all of them are effective – some can be attributed to “myths“, while others are generally harmful to skin health.

Professional dermatologists regularly share their helpful tips and rules for skincare, reminding of the “golden beauty secrets“. It’s about them we will talk in our new article.

Light products first

Serums – the lightest products – should always be first. First, they deliver the active ingredients to the skin most effectively, and secondly, enhance the action of creams, dermatologists say. Also, they are easy to use. Pick two or three serums that relate to one of your problems: formulas with peptides for wrinkles, salicylic acid for oily skin and liquorice or aloe to soothe redness.

Proper cleansing

In the heat, when the skin accumulates sweat, dust, dirt, excess sebum, the face should be cleansed more intensively and thoroughly. It does not mean that you need aggressive cleansers – scrubs with scratching particles or peels with AHA or BHA acids, which dermatologists strongly recommend to exclude from the routine of facial skincare in the summer due to the high probability of pigment spots. At this time of year, it is better to use gentle all-season peels to restore the epidermis and deep hydration, such as vacuum hydrophilizing.

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Inflammation must be treated with medication

Acne and inflammation should be treated with medication, not cosmetics. If you have a pimple, take an aspirin tablet, soak it in water and apply to the inflammation. It will help to cure and visually make the defect less noticeable. Sometimes medications also need to be taken internally, but only a doctor should prescribe them.

Sun protection

We’re afraid to seem boring, saying the same thing, but raising the SPF-protection factor to 30-50 (depending on the phototype of your skin) in the day cream is an absolute must-do.

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During the day, do not forget to periodically update the face cream with SPF. The application interval is directly related to the amount of SPF. Using the cream only in the morning is not enough to protect the face for the whole day.

Add more seasonal vegetables and fruits to your diet

Lack of vitamins, micro- and macronutrients in the diet always harms the skin. Prefer seasonal vegetables and fruits – they are much more useful than those that have been in stock for six months. Apples, for example, lose almost all their vitamin C supply during three months of storage. Carrots, beets, potatoes, in general, do not have very useful properties: they accumulate one of the strongest teratogens. In the store, pay attention to the condition of the fruit.

“Plastic” fruit without a single black dot is unlikely to be useful. Natural products spoil quickly – remember this and be charming.