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Sleep well: when, how much, how?

“I hate sleep. I spend a third of my life on slobbering a pillow, ” – writes journalist A.J. Jacobs in his book” Drop Dead Healthy.” It seems to us that his opinion is shared by most people. Because if you sleep two hours less, you can save 30 days in 365 days and get 13 months instead of 12 per year. However, scientists have already proved that sleep deficiency and poor quality of it directly affect health: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, depression, worsening of the work of the immune system, increased sensitivity to pain, deteriorates the overall physical state. How much should people sleep to be healthy and have a fresh look? GoBeauty Blog will reveal this theme today.


How much sleep

For each of us, the quantity of sleeping hours is individual. It is believed that the rest should last from 7 to 8 hours. It depends on the age, daily human activity and the personal needs of the body. It is essential that the dream is continuous. It is more profitable to sleep for 6 hours without waking up than 8, but periodically staw awake. By the way, the constant desire to sleep more than 9 hours (with a sufficient amount of sleep) can indicate the presence of cardiovascular diseases.

What position is better to sleep in

Indeed, the quality of sleep depends directly on the position of the body. It affects muscle tension, the blood supply to the organs and the depth of breathing. People with a short neck are recommended to sleep on the side because they have a higher risk of apnea. Those who have problems with posture, it is better to sleep on the back – it helps to relax the muscles of the spine. However, there are no universal recommendations: the best posture for rest is in which you feel the most comfortable.

Sleep quality

It is even more important than quantity. The main thing we can do to improve its condition is to go to bed and wake up the same time (plus or minus half an hour). It is always necessary, even on weekends, to follow one mode. If you are an owl, do not try to turn yourself into an early bird. The chronotypes are laid down by nature, and if you go against it, there is social jetlag that is harmful to health.

Fall asleep right

In the dark, the human epiphysis produces melatonin, which helps to fall asleep. Bright light with a light blue flickering, imitating the sky, can convince the epiphysis that the day is in its infancy. Therefore, it is difficult for us to fall asleep after a long watching TV or searching social networks. Thus, one hour, or at least half an hour before, you must turn off your computer, put off the smartphone back and turn off the light. If you have lights behind the windows, it is better to close the curtains.

The main secret

If you have ever visited a cosmetologist, the specialist probably told you about the “beauty sleep”. It starts in the interval from 10 pm to 00.00 am. At this time, you should definitely sleep to look young and fresh, because the most active production of the hormone melatonin, which activates young cells, occurs. In this case, the hormone is synthesised only when you are asleep.

P.S: There is one more secret of the right sleep – the presence of a loved one next to you. Then, the dream will be healthier, and life – joyful. Love and have a good sleep!

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