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Slouchy jeans: how to wear a trendy novelty

Since last year, skinny jeans, in which every woman felt seductive, have ceased to be fashionable. Now slouchy and mom jeans are trendy. What are slouchy jeans and how do they differ from bananas and mom jeans? GoBeauty found out about it.

What do they look like

Slouchy jeans are one of the main trends of this season. They are characterized by the high fit, clearly defined waistline, framed by a thin strap and folds-rubber bands. These jeans are usually straight, slightly extended in the thighs, pants and have a shortened bottom.

Unlike mom jeans, slouchy boast an extended silhouette. However, they do not show such a contrast between the top and bottom as banana jeans. Slouchy is often tucked to open the lower ankle. In this way, they emphasize seductive feminine forms and give volume where it is needed.

For whom

Slouchy jeans are a trendy thing that will become a key element of any women’s clothing ensemble. 

If you have a fragile thin waist and an hourglass-like figure, they will favourably emphasize the virtues of tall stature, balance the proportions of the body. Visually reduce the broad shoulders, if you have a “rectangular” figure, give the skinny legs the missing volume, or hide the extra inches on the thighs – slouchy jeans will help to solve all the fashionable imperfections. 

It will suit all girls who appreciate comfort, freedom and practicality. Modern jeans will help to visually stretch the silhouette due to the high waist. Therefore, the lush shape of the thighs is easy to adjust due to the loose pants, slightly narrowed to the bottom. Slouchy, although bulky, do not overload the look with a lot of fabric and can easily replace skinny cropped jeans. 

With what to wear

It looks great with basic shirts, T-shirts, sweaters and turtlenecks. Just don’t forget to tuck them into your jeans. It is highly recommended not to wear slouchy jeans with an oversized top. You will become two sizes bigger visually. But if you emphasize the waist with a belt, then ok.

It is perfect for street style if worn with a comfortable t-shirt, top and sweatshirt. And thanks to neat tailoring, this model of pants will fit into the office dress code if you complement it with a white blouse and shoes with thin heels.

The fashionable outfit should not be overloaded with colours and details. Use a comfortable blouse, T-shirt and a minimum of accessories. Give the main role in your outfit to jeans.

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