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Spring hairstyle for medium length hair, Photo 1588

12 February 2023


Spring hairstyle for medium length hair

Medium length hair is considered to be the most optimal for creating any type of hairstyles. This length allows you to make braids, hair bun or just to straighten beautiful hair. In the last few years, models with glossy hairstyles have been increasingly pictured in glossy magazines. Such a fashionable trend allows giving the look romance and femininity. In this case, curls are appropriate in the office and on a date. Today we will tell you how to make this hairstyle by yourself.

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  1. The hairstyle is done with damp medium length hair, so wash the head and give it a little dry.
  2. Comb your hair, apply heat protection spray and a texturising spray. The last one will help to make the curls more decorated and extend the “life” of the styling.
  3. Now dry your hair. The locks are dried in the direction of growth (so that the scales do not open). When the curls are slightly dried, we divide them into sections (bottom and top) and begin to pull out the bottom part with a round brush, pulling at the roots. This will give the hair volume. The curls should be pulled in the direction to the face, thus changing the direction of hair growth. Volume appears at the roots when hair lies back. When the bottom part is done, we get to the top drying. We continue to dry our hair by the same principle: pulling at the roots, pointing up and forward.
  4. Then, we begin to make curls. To do this again divide the hair into two sections – the upper and lower and turn on the curling iron to 210 degrees. Since this is the highest temperature, we will not hold it for a long time. We will curl in different directions (from the face and vice versa), the locks must be not very thin and not very thick (preferably different sizes). We start from the back, holding the locking flat around it and leaving the tip free (ie, do not curl until the end of the length). We hold the curl for about 15-20 seconds and release it. On this principle, we style the curls further, not forgetting to change direction. When the bottom section is ready, apply hair spray. Separate another section of hair from the side and continue to curl the hair according to the same principle. To lift the lock a little, we take it, curl it in the usual way and try to hold it from above without spreading it all over the curling iron. Similarly, we style another section on the other side. We have a little hair left on the top. Do everything according to the previous scheme.
  5. All the curls are ready. Shake it with your hands and apply hair spray.
  6. Also, you can make a hair parting in the middle or on the side. This will help make the curls more natural.

Stylish spring hairstyle is ready! You can see a video tutorial below