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Strobing: absorbing a complicated makeup technique

Perfect makeup is a pledge of beauty and, accordingly, self-confidence for any woman. Every year makeup artists offer new make-up techniques that help to highlight the merits and hide the flaws in appearance. Recently, the most popular is strobing. In contrast to the sculpting and contouring of the face, it only allows competently to place accents, making the skin look fresh and beautiful. Strobing, which will be discussed in this article, will help to make the features expressive, skin tone smooth, and the oval of the face clear.


Strobing Rules

Only a highlighter is needed for strobing, no bronzer needed. In this case, the main cosmetic product can have different shades: pearl, pink, lilac, golden. Flawless appearance is created by flashing certain areas. Make-up artists include the absence of a mask effect on the face and the ability to use a minimum of tinting agents before applying make-up as the main advantages of strobing. This technique takes a little time and can be used to create both evening and everyday look.


The main secrets of the strobing are in the correct application of a highlighter of cream and powder texture to the zones indicated in the diagram above, as well as their careful blending.

  1. At the very beginning, it is necessary to check the face during the day with natural light. This will help determine which areas of your face get the most out of the sun. These areas are required for the application of cream highlighter. The first step is to apply a cosmetic product on the top of the cheeks, well shading it, respecting the boundaries.


  1. In the second stage, the back of the nose is highlighted. This is done to visually give it a more subtle and aristocratic form. Makeup artists recommend applying a larger amount of cream highlighter in case of dry skin and very little if the skin is fatty.


  1. Visually enlarge the eyes will help to highlight the areas of the upper eyelid under the eyebrows. In addition, the application of light satin shadows in the centre of the upper eyelid and in the inner corner will hide the evidence of lack of sleep and fatigue, making your sight fresher.


  1. At the final stage of the highlighter application, it is necessary to add volume to the lips by highlighting a tick above the upper lip and drawing a small circle on the chin.


After highlighting all the areas, it is important to apply a powder highlighter and to feather it well with a fluffy brush.

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