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Stylish and cosy: choosing the perfect Christmas look

January is a month of snowflakes, mulled wine, warm hugs and lots of holidays, especially the first half of it. Christmas helps not relax after the New Year and keep yourself in fashion tone. Now is the time to think of your holiday outfit. Let’s do it together.

Ideas of festive looks

When choosing a holiday outfit, it is first and foremost essential to think about the meaning of the future celebration, as well as where and in which company you plan to celebrate it. Christmas is, from time immemorial, a family holiday. Besides, it is essential to remember that the holiday is pure and bright.


It is a favourite clothing every year. It is the easiest way to create a gorgeous holiday look and feel great in a dress. A variety of styles, shades and decor will allow you to sew or even find the perfect dress in the shops, which will highlight your charms. The main thing is that the length is below the knee; we still celebrate the religious holiday.


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Top and skirt

A decent analogue of the dress. But you won’t wear it on once for a holiday, and more likely to be able to continue to use in other outfits. It is excellent to combine a pleated skirt with a shiny top. Or, combine a plain top with a print skirt.


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For an informal home atmosphere, it’s hard to think of anything better than a bright Christmas sweater. And warm and cosy and festive. Favourite jeans or leggings are the perfect addition for maximum comfort. And if you still want to look feminine, then combine a sweater with a light dress or a long pleated skirt.


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светр 2.jpeg

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If you are going to the church for Christmas, the requirements for appearance are a little tighter – a long skirt + blouse or dress, preferably with a sleeve, a beautiful, better white lace shawl or scarf on your head. The holiday is joyful and bright, and you too should look fancy but modest. Merry Christmas!

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