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Stylish fall manicure: a step-by-step guide

We have prepared for you a simple step-by-step instruction on a bright autumn design that you can do on your own in minutes.

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  1. At first, prepare your nails: give them shape, fluff with a buff, cover with a dehydrator and base (the latter bakes in a lamp).
  2. Secondly, apply the base tone (warm translucent beige) in two layers, each of which is dried in a UV lamp.
  3. For our leaves to burn and have an aquarium effect, a particular substrate must be made. To do this, we take the rubber base, add gold sparkles to it, mix thoroughly and get on a linear brush. With this mixture, we will draw and “build” the frame of our leaf.
  4. Then, we begin to draw in diagonal four cross-to-cross segments of the axis of the leaf. These will be lateral branches. Then we combine all the axes with a wavy line and shade the middle from the tips to the centre. Do not sketch the leaf completely, leave space between the strokes.
  5. Draw a leaf tip above the diagonal and dry it in a lamp.
  6. We take stained gel varnishes of four colours: yellow, green, red and orange. Yellow slightly tint our leaf, filling the drawing is not complete, and leave empty places – in them, we add orange colour. Next, red is for the outline, draw the streaks from the edges to the centre. The leaf becomes dark red. Finally, apply green stained gel varnish in the cavity, where there is no colour. Dry the design in the lamp.
  7. Get brown gel lacquer on a thin brush and circle the leaf along the outline, pulling out sharp tips and drawing streaks.
  8. Then, get red-stained gel polish on the sharp tip of the orange stick and put the dots in the space. Dry in a lamp.
  9. To give more volume to a leaf, we get white gel paint on a thin brush, and we draw streaks. It is not necessary to carry out entirely on a contour, and it is only required to emphasize bends of a leaf somewhere. Dry the gel varnish in the lamp.
  10. At last, the other nails are covered with a solid gel polish of saturated warm shade (red, orange, yellow). Optionally, you can decorate your nails with rhinestones.

You can see a video of the manicure here

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