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TOP-4 ‘90s hairstyles, which you will never do again

The nineties of the last century is a time of fundamental transformation of all social foundations and the all-pervading spirit of freedom and permissiveness. Of course, fashion could not pass these trends. The rebellious spirit of the time was reflected in the appearance of girls, in particular, in hairstyles, which, along with clothes, became increasingly irrational and shocking.

Haircuts and hairstyles of the ‘90s represent an incredible mix of different styles and, in a sense, sin with a lack of taste. But the primary task of most fashionistas of that time was to stand out from the crowd, not to be like everyone, and they did well with their role.

“Lamentable” chemistry

Veronica Castro, star of the “The Rich Also Cry” TV series, made a revolution in the minds of young people. The girls went to the hairdresser to spoil their hair with “chemistry”, made tease, while stacking bangs on their foreheads.

The most advanced fashionistas could afford crimped hair. Also, nothing prevented the persistent girls from brading a hundred small braids at night to look like Carmen Electra in the morning. Well, or almost the same.


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A special role in the hairstyling of the ’90s was given to fringes. The most fashionable was considered the so-called “windproof” bang. It took a lot of time, effort, and, of course, hair spray to style it.

The bang was teased, then you had to form a flat vertical comb, which was filled with a huge amount of hair spray.

A variation on the same theme was a bang-comb, divided into two parts. The upper part was teased up, and the bottom covered the forehead.

Another option in the hairstyling of the ’90s is the roll bang. To make it, wet hair was crocheted on a round comb and dried in this form.


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High tease on long hair

Tease is the mandatory attribute of the ‘90s hairstyle. Then it was fashionable to make a characteristic volume in the top. The curls were teases and fixed tightly.

The hair combed on one side looked especially impressive.


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A la “Pisa Tower” ponytail

The most popular hairstyle for those bright times – the tall tail, adorned with any accessory – was appropriate everywhere! The most popular hairstyle for those bright times – the tall tail, adorned with any accessory – was appropriate everywhere! Be sure to wrap your hair with a bright elastic band or even a scarf so that the tail is raised above your head as high as possible.


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