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03 December 2023


TOP-4 best BB creams

With the appearance of BB creams, a large number of women began to change their foundations for this beauty product. It also masks imperfections and corrects complexion, and at the same time cares for the skin, improving its condition and allowing you to get rid of imperfections. BB cream is used daily and determines the quality of makeup, so it must be good. And this applies to both decorative and caring aspects.

Tony Moly Triple Waterproof Perfection BB Cream

With Tony Moly waterproof BB cream, you can not worry about makeup, even on a hot day. The product itself is a light beige shade has a liquid texture but perfectly evens out the relief of the face and covers imperfections.

Ingredients: mineral water, plant extracts and sunscreens. These substances moisturize, tone, soothe and smooth the skin, as well as have antioxidant and photoprotective effects.

Triple Waterproof Perfection cream fans assure that this is an ideal vacation option because it will not flow at a temperature of +35 outside and will not wash off even after prolonged contact with seawater.

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious BB Cream

BB-veil by L’Occitane will refresh the skin in a couple of seconds, remaining completely invisible on the face. The Immortelle Precious palette has three shades for light-skinned and dark-skinned ladies, each of which perfectly blends with the natural tone of the face. The product has a liquid texture that is instantly distributed, covering redness.

The cream contains essential oil and Immortel extract, which stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, increasing the elasticity of the skin and preventing its premature ageing.

The toning product with a natural wet finish does not mask strong imperfections but will give the face a healthy look and protect from the sun thanks to the SPF-30 filter in the composition.

Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Ultra Moisture Glow

Among the beneficial properties of this product, the most powerful is moisturizing. The formula relieves dryness for 24 hours, leaving the skin no chance to remain dull, devoid of radiance and “life”. The effect is also enhanced by light-reflecting particles in the cream.

Thanks to them, you can forget about mixing foundation with a highlighter. Top Secrets Ultra Moisture Glow combines both of it. It evens out the tone, allowing you to hide imperfections and give the skin a flawless look. The result will last a long time – for this purpose in the formula, there are special fixing components. And the caring ingredients improve the condition of the skin with each use of the cream.

L’Oreal Paris BB cream WUL

The “tonal” mark on this face cream indicates a more saturated and dense texture. It contains vitamins B and E, which means nutrition. Due to the liquid texture, the application takes only 1-2 minutes. SPF-20 protection is suitable for dark, sun-resistant skin. But an individual allergic reaction is possible.