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TOP-4 ways to get ready in 15 minutes

There is often a lack of time to put yourself in order before an important appointment or solemn event. Awareness of this spoils mood and even event. To prevent this, we have collected the most effective methods, allowing in a very short time to reincarnate from a housewife or office worker to a supermodel.

For your body

To rejuvenate and wash away all negativity of the working day or vice versa of the passing night will help contrast the shower. Under the influence of cool water jets, body skin improves its elasticity due to the acceleration of metabolic processes.

For your hair

To create a lush volume or an elegant bunch in just 1 minute and simultaneously restore freshness to hair will help dry shampoo. At the same time, it is sufficient to apply it on roots and simply comb the hair well. Alternative option – wet laying that is trendy last season. Using styling for wet fixing will help to create a stylish bow and make your look fashionable and unique.

woman apply dry shampoo

For nails and hands

In the case when one of the important parts of your look – manicure, requires adjustments, you can use hair varnish with gloss. Preliminary you need to clean nails of leftover varnish and after splash with available hair remedy. If you have a couple of minutes, then speeding up the drying of applied varnish will help the ice bath. It takes only 2 minutes for the cold water to seal varnish and coating. Massage for only half a minute with peeling cream for face or special scrub will help to make the skin of your hands softer. After you can apply moisturizing or nourishing cream.


For your face

Refreshing the skin of the face quickly and effectively will help mask. In this case, it is better left on the face mask of cosmetic clay for 5 minutes to tighten skin, pre-mixed with water to the consistency of thick sour cream. A mayonnaise mask nourishes the skin, and a mixture of olive oil, honey, and lemon juice whitens it. Get rid of eyelids edema will help simple tea bags, which it is better to soak and cool in refrigerator before using. Lemon juice will help to remove unnecessary shine of the skin. To hide shallow wrinkles help serum for the face, which includes retro-reflective pigments. Aloe-vera juice or any remedy that includes this plant will help to rid the face of night swelling and skin roughness.

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