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TOP-5 best budget facial powders

Facial powder is a thing that is always in a woman’s handbag. It will help to effectively conceal problem areas on the face, and with its help, you can quickly adjust the makeup wherever you are. We offer the TOP-5 best budget facial powders that will help you look fantastic.

Maybelline Master Fix Baking

Maybelline’s fine crumbly novelty is designed for baking and makeup fixing. The product is available in a universal beige shade – it fits most girls, except for snow white. The veil contains a small shimmer that visually smooths out the imperfections and creates the effect of the inner glow of the skin.

The manufacturer recommends applying the product profusely on the entire face and in a few minutes to throw off excess with a clean brush. This is enough to get rid of the bold gloss in the T-zone all day long. It is not forbidden to distribute the powder classically – to fix the tone base and neutralize the greasy shine.


  • the powder is completely invisible to the face;
  • does not emphasize peeling and wrinkles;
  • relieves shine for a long time.


  • no mirror.

Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder

A compact powder that can be called legendary. It allows you to vary the look: if you apply a powder on top of a moisturizer, you will look fresh and rested, if the powder is a tonal cream, then you get a chic evening makeup, and if you powder pure skin, the look will be natural and well-groomed. 

Millions of tiny reflective particles will fill the skin with a gentle glow, but it will retain a matte effect and perfect even tone. Makeup will be especially successful if you do not apply powder with a sponge, but with a quality pile brush.


  • excellent quality;
  • good stability;
  • smooth face tone;
  • choice of shades;
  • natural effect and gentle glow;
  • large volume (21 g).


  • no mirror;
  • strong aroma;
  • does not hide serious skin defects.

Rimmel Stay Matte

A matte powder that helps you to make sure your makeup looks perfect all day long. 

Powder of finest grinding with natural mineral components perfectly neutralizes excess sebum, evens out the tone, gives the skin a velvety well-groomed appearance, masking small skin defects. 


  • excellent matt;
  • stand;
  • beautiful natural shades;
  • practical.


  • emphasizes peeling;
  • fragile packaging with an unreliable lid;
  • no mirror and sponge.

L’Oreal Paris Infaillible

With this facial powder, it is possible to achieve perfectly matte skin all day long. It is praised for its durability and soft coating. The skin looks flawless in all circumstances. Judging by the reviews, the product perfectly conceals small defects, evens out the complexion of the face. The powder does not tighten the skin and does not create a mask effect. It is a pity that the case does not have a mirror. Otherwise, all product reviews are positive.


  • beautiful range of shades;
  • conceals well imperfections;
  • long holds effect;
  • the price corresponds to quality;
  • many approving views.


  • without a mirror.

Bourjois Poudre Libre

Loose powder with gorgeous hues and delicate texture that wraps the skin with a weightless veil. It contains natural mineral components that provide matte skin and makeup stability.

The facial powder makes small wrinkles imperceptible, erases the marks of fatigue from the face, makes the skin fresher and younger, without clogging the pores.


  • light texture;
  • good matt;
  • stand;
  • almost odorless;
  • large volume (32 g).


  • modest packaging of cheap plastic;
  • the lid is not airtight;
  • does not hide redness.

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