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TOP-5 fashionable sweater weather looks

“The mood is to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, drink hot tea and watch TV shows.” This is the autumn motto of many. In fact, the cosiest time of the year has come. But at the same time, not quite pleasant because of the cold weather. Drinking tea or cocoa under a blanket is usually great, but no one has cancelled our daily chores, work and walks. It is possible to go outside in a blanket, but not very convenient. The most successful element of your fall wardrobe will be a sweater. A warm sweater will save you from the cold, and the right style will add a sense of comfort. How to wear, what to pair with and how to choose the right one? Today we take a look at these points in our article.

So far, the most successful sweater style remains oversize. They are comfortable and versatile. You can combine multiple outfits and match them with any type of figure. So, first of all, we recommend you pay attention to them.

Put on your favourite jeans and get a great base for creating an autumn look. It would seem one jeans and one sweater as you can create another look. It is possible and is very easy.

The first and universal variant is basic. Simply pick up comfortable shoes and your basic sweater outfit is ready.



Now, how to diversify this ordinary style? You should tuck the front of your sweater into jeans and add a stylish belt. Choose cowboy-style boots this fall and your look will be sparkling with new colours.



The next option. Without tucking a sweater, put a belt or waist bag over your waist and your look will become more feminine. If one sweater is not enough and you need something warmer, you can add a leather jacket or base coat. The shoes depend on the occasion on which you choose the outfit. For a walk, meeting with friends you can leave boots. For a more formal look, choose classic boat shoes. Unusual enough combination, for many. And this look is suitable either for warm weather or for an event indoors.

If it is warm outside, the sweater can be paired with a short A-silhouette skirt. If you choose a mini skirt, it is better to avoid shoes with heels. It is better to give preference to boots or suede boots without heels. You can also complete the look with a leather jacket.

The popular copper-plated skirts remain popular. In sweater outfits, they are also relevant. You can wear a sweater, put on boots and get a very interesting and stylish autumn look.



Don’t forget about cropped sweaters. They can be combined with any high-waisted clothing. But be sure to keep your body covered and your sweater should be voluminous.

Generally, it is better to forget about the slim sweaters. They surely lose their relevance. But we’re not talking about turtleneck. It is a great, warm option for a business look.

And a very important note for choosing a sweater regardless of its style and your outfit. Remember to pay attention to the fabric composition. Natural components are the most comfortable and warmest. The sweater may look great, but not high-quality materials will not warm you. And do not forget to look after the products as recommended on the label. To keep the clothing beautiful for as long as possible.

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