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TOP-5 lipstick shades that make you look older, Photo 1176

07 September 2022


TOP-5 lipstick shades that make you look older

Sometimes it is enough to emphasize the lips with lipstick to feel confident. This technique will add attractiveness in a matter of seconds. But lipstick can also make you look older if you have chosen the wrong shade and texture. Today the GoBeauty Blog will tell you how to combine lipstick and age elegantly.

TOP-5 most unfortunate lipstick shades

Regardless of skin or hair colour, several shades do not suit all girls. You should be very careful with these lipstick colours:


It is possible to meet senseless statements that fuchsia lipstick approaches absolutely all women in glossy editions. This pigment is only good for young dark-haired girls.

Pink mother of pearl

It would seem that the fashion for pearlescent pink shades has disappeared with the scandalous Britney Spears antics. However, unfortunately, there are still women who pay tribute to the forgotten vintage beauty reception. It is better to pay attention to the salmon-coral tone in a semi-matte texture if you want to buy lipstick with a barely noticeable pigment.


Orange juicy tones are popular again. But we would advise only 20-year-old beauties with perfect skin. After 40, the carrot shade will give your look a comic appearance.

Nude shade

Nude lipsticks make the smile indistinct, vague and dull. Especially on women 40+: with age, the skin becomes pale and, using inconspicuous shades of lipstick, a woman seems to wipe her lips from the face. Change nude into a noticeable but not daring lipstick. Choose calm, light and neutral shades. For example, coffee-beige lipsticks are suitable for dark-haired women. And the dusty rose colour is suitable for blonde women.

Brown hue

Many women of the age of 40 consider the brown shade of lipstick their beauty weapon, but we are forced to disappoint them. Dull shades merge with the skin and make the face tired. Dark brown lipstick emphasizes skin imperfections, focusing on dark circles under the eyes.