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TOP-5 most common fitness mistakes, Photo 1206

10 September 2022


TOP-5 most common fitness mistakes

You are sweating in the gym as much as possible, but the results you expected do not appear? Here the frustration, loss of desire and motivation will appear. To achieve fitness goals, you need to avoid a few mistakes. And soon you will enjoy the expected results!

Mistake №1: the load increases too fast

Training without warming up, exercising with a lot of weight without prior training, or too many repetitions can cause injury. Remember that before performing exercises on any muscle group, you need to warm them up carefully.

Mistake №2: cardio without strength training

Running or treadmill training is a good option for beginners. As a rule, they are happy to spend most of their time on it and are reluctant to perform strength exercises. Namely, these exercises effectively burn calories, increase the speed of metabolism and effectiveness of training.

Mistake №3: proper nutrition neglection

People believe that if they play exercise, they can eat whatever they want. Food is vital for weight loss and plays a meaningful role in the normal functioning of your body and long-term health. Start taking your eating preferences seriously. Invest in quality products.

Mistake №4: frequent alternation of the training program

It is a common mistake. It often happens that when you start training, you try everything. Every month you find the best training plan that will give you more visible results. As a result, you never have enough time to learn how to perform the exercises properly. Choose a training program and follow it.

Mistake №5: training when you hungry

There are many different studies on how to eat before exercise. The coaches are convinced that it is impossible to do it on an empty stomach. First, it will reduce the intensity of the training itself. A second point is that a person who is overweight, quite emotionally attached to food. If you do not eat before a workout, it is more likely to lead to a breakdown, as the appetite will be strong. Third, such a trick will slow down the metabolism of an untrained person. Fourth, you can lose consciousness due to hypoglycemia during exercise.

Start your workouts wisely, be healthy and beautiful!