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TOP-5 weird beauty products on AliExpress

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the beauty products from Chinese online store AliExpress. The reason is the huge range and ridiculous prices. But there are weird beauty products and devices. Let’s talk about them today.

Exercise machine for facial muscles

As promised by the manufacturers, this thing is simply miraculous: it strengthens the main groups of facial muscles, prevents wrinkles, and also forms beautiful cheekbones and face form. We have not tested this product and it is likely effective because when used, the muscles of the lower third of the face tense. This is the way it is possible to tighten the face and skin (thanks to improved blood circulation).


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Measuring the thickness of fat folds

It is just a device that will measure the thickness of the folds on the belly. It sounds ridiculous, but the thing is useful, because knowing this value, you can calculate the approximate percentage of body fat and adjust your diet or workout program. Especially if you are training in the gym and the weight is off.


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Removing excess hair on the face is not only a concern for the strong sex. But what innovative methods of hair removal do clever oriental manufacturers offer to ladies?

The principle of operation of this device is simple to outrageous – we squeeze the spring, grabbing the hair and pulling it out. This is it. Slightly painful, of course, but for the sake of getting rid of the excess hair, you will have to suffer.


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Hair drying cap

The look on this device is very strange. Reminds something of a hairdryer from 50-60’s years. The device is interesting and quite useful. It dries hair much faster. Moreover, you can twist the strands on the curler, put on a cap and dry the hair. However, the main thing is not to overheat (so we lost one hairdryer).


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Hair dye bottle

Quite an interesting thing among weird beauty products. You just need to fill it with hair dye and distribute on the length of hair with a built-in brush. At first glance, it seems very convenient. We will probably try.


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