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Take it easy: 10 ways to relax without harming your health

Stress resistance is a mandatory requirement for practically any job. Meanwhile, stress triggers a series of unpleasant mechanisms that move in a closed circle: emotional problems cause worsening of the state of health and various diseases, and they are reflected in our mental state. Even when the causes of stress have been eliminated, at the physiological level it can continue to have its effects. Unclear anxieties, fears, bad mood, nervousness for no reason – all these echoes of previous shocks. That is why you need to be able to relax and adjust yourself to a calm positive wave. GoBeauty has prepared TOP-10 ways to relax without alcohol and high-calorie foods.

Take a bath

Water is great for relaxing. Get a warm bath, add lavender, mint, orange, ylang-ylang, frankincense, bergamot or valerian, oregano, thyme herbs, essential oil. Turn on quiet music, lie in fragrant water for about 15-30 minutes – and the stress will change with calm. And if you add mustard, milk, baking soda or ginger to the bath, you can benefit from these water treatments.

Make something nice

We each have our own pleasant rituals that fill with energy and joy. These can be spa treatments, a walk in the park, a game with children and even shopping. The main thing is to switch the mood from bad to good.

Handmade and creativity

Knitting is a great way to get distracted and relax: both the nerves calm down and the refresher appears. Equally useful are the types of creativity – embroidery and modelling. Another type of art therapy is the colouring of mandalas or any other pictures. You can find suitable albums and magazines in a shop.

Physical activity

Take a class to your liking and enrol in a sports studio – swimming, stretching, dancing and yoga all contribute to relaxation and good mood. In addition, exercise will help you improve your health, shape and make new friends.

Communicate with friends

Friends are people who understand, support and increase our self-esteem. Spend time with your friends in a pleasant setting: visit a cafe, a theatre, an exhibit, shop. Even if you do not want to make yourself go out, try and you will see – you’ll feel better!

Exercise with breathing

To accomplish it, switch your mind from any thoughts to your breath. Relax your facial muscles, stretch your shoulders, and take a deep breath at your normal pace. In this case, the air is collected not in the chest, but in the abdomen. Imagine that you have eaten up. Next, hold your breath for 3-5 seconds and exhale slowly.

Exhalation should be about one-third of the time longer than inhalation. We make short delays between each inhalation and exhalation (2-3 seconds). We repeat the breath – the delay – the exhalation – the delay, so 5-6 times. You can do this with both your nose and your mouth without straining too much. By inhaling, you mobilize your resources and fill your blood and organs with oxygen, and it is relaxing as if you exhale.

Drink relaxing beverages

Of course, it’s not about alcohol, it’s about tea. Tea procedure itself has a surprisingly soothing effect. Green tea is the first helper for fatigue. It has long been known for its good effects on cognitive and physical activity and its abundance of nutrients. It is important for the drink to be of high quality and delicious. Well, if the tea contains useful additives, such as mint, oregano, jasmine.

Chew gum

Monotonous gum chewing is a surprisingly quick and easy way to overcome stress. The main thing – do not get carried away, because chewing gum has a lot of sugar, which leads to the appearance of cellulite.

Read a book or watch a movie

Sometimes a good book works better than a graduate psychotherapist, and an interesting movie helps turn your life for better. The keyword here is interesting.

Reset aggression

It is a scientifical method of getting rid of negativity. To do this, you need to be alone (in an apartment or outdoors) and give freedom to your feelings. Find a thing that you can break, break and split it, do it with passion, and it is advisable to shout. Screaming is a great help to quickly shed all the negativity and relax. This is especially important for those who are not able (afraid) to express their emotions and constantly suppress them, accumulate in themselves. After all, emotional energy goes nowhere, but accumulates inside, which makes it even harder. Cried and cursed well, you will spit out the unnecessary rage and return to the affairs of renewed and full strength.

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