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The Top 5 Beauty Brands in Cyprus

Cyprus, an enchanting island nestled in the eastern Mediterranean, is home to an array of captivating beauty brands that mirror the country’s rich culture and unparalleled natural beauty. These brands leverage the potent local botanicals and traditional Cypriot remedies to create a range of skincare and cosmetics that have made their mark on the global stage. Let’s explore the top five beauty brands from Cyprus.

1. Elma & Sana

Leading the pack is Elma & Sana, a Cypriot beauty brand specializing in argan oil-based products. A champion of natural and organic beauty solutions, Elma & Sana sources its primary ingredient, argan oil, directly from Morocco. The brand offers a range of beauty products including pure argan oil, ideal for moisturizing skin and hair, and argan oil infused with essential oils for additional skincare benefits. The Golden Argan Oil has made waves for its nourishing and healing properties.

2. Bioaroma

Bioaroma, a brand that embodies the essence of Crete in Cyprus, brings a fusion of botanicals and traditional manufacturing techniques to the market. The brand prides itself on using all-natural, local ingredients, and its products are renowned for their pure, potent formulations. Their range spans skincare, haircare, and aromatherapy. The Bioaroma Anti-Wrinkle Face Oil, featuring a blend of sage, bay leaf, and neroli, is a fan-favorite for its rejuvenating properties.

3. Olea Savon

Olea Savon has made its mark by producing handcrafted, olive oil-based soaps. Their soaps are made using traditional cold process methods, ensuring the retention of natural glycerin and the full benefits of the ingredients. Olea Savon’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing shines through their products, with the Rosemary & Thyme soap being a notable standout.

4. Ancient Kallos

While Ancient Kallos is primarily known for its fashion line inspired by Greek aesthetics, the brand also offers a small but impressive range of beauty products. The brand’s signature product, the Pure Olive Oil Soap, is made from 100% olive oil sourced directly from Crete, promising to nourish and moisturize the skin deeply.

5. GAIA Olea

GAIA Olea is a beauty brand that believes in holistic, natural beauty. Inspired by the bountiful Cypriot landscapes, GAIA Olea handcrafts a wide range of products, from skincare to body care to hair care. Their products incorporate local ingredients, like the locally grown lavender used in their popular Lavender & Rosemary Body Butter.

Each of these Cypriot beauty brands represents a unique facet of the island’s vibrant culture and its bounty of natural ingredients. From Elma & Sana’s argan oil expertise to GAIA Olea’s emphasis on local botanicals, these brands are a testament to the thriving beauty scene in Cyprus. Their products not only cater to various beauty needs but also uphold the principles of natural, ethical, and sustainable beauty, making them worthy of recognition on the global stage.

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