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The Top 5 Beauty Brands in Estonia

Estonia, a Northern European country rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage, has recently emerged as a player in the global beauty industry. Estonian beauty brands often combine traditional herbal knowledge with modern scientific research, and many of them focus on natural, organic ingredients. In this article, we explore the top five beauty brands that hail from Estonia.


Founded in 2005, JOIK is a leading Estonian beauty brand that emphasizes natural ingredients and ethical production methods. Inspired by traditional Estonian wisdom and nature, JOIK offers a wide range of skincare, home fragrance, and bath products. Their Soy Wax Candles, featuring unique scents like rhubarb and white chocolate, are particularly popular. JOIK also has a comprehensive skincare line that includes facial serums, moisturizers, and cleansing products.

2. Turbliss

Turbliss is an innovative brand known for its Bioactive Peat Masks, harnessing the power of unique Estonian therapeutic peat. This potent natural resource, rich in bioactive substances, is used in their products to help nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Turbliss offers a variety of peat masks tailored to different skin needs and types, making their line suitable for a wide range of consumers.


LUMI, meaning ‘snow’ in Estonian, stands for purity, freshness, and luminosity – values that the brand holds dear. LUMI specializes in skincare products made from Nordic bioactive ingredients that survive harsh climates, resulting in potent antioxidant and protective properties. Their Super Glow oil, enriched with cloudberry and lingonberry seed oils, is a favorite among consumers for its nourishing and glow-boosting qualities.


D’DIFFERENCE, a part of the DD Cosmetics family, combines natural ingredients with scientific innovation. The brand has several skincare lines, each targeting different skin concerns. Their 5D line, designed to combat signs of aging, and the Natural Beauty line, suitable for sensitive skin, are among the most popular. D’DIFFERENCE’s products are designed to be gentle yet effective, making them a favorite among those with sensitive skin.

5. Nurme

Nurme is a natural beauty brand that believes in simple, effective, and clean ingredients. Their products, which include soaps, body care, and skincare items, are free from artificial additives and chemicals. Nurme’s Soothing Lavender Body Oil and Seabuckthorn & Calendula Soap are highly praised for their nourishing properties.

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Estonian beauty brands are a testament to the country’s natural resources and the people’s respect for nature and tradition. Whether you’re looking for luxury skincare, therapeutic masks, or natural beauty products, Estonia’s beauty brands offer something unique. With their combination of natural ingredients and scientific innovation, brands like JOIK, Turbliss, LUMI, D’DIFFERENCE, and Nurme are making their mark on the global beauty industry.

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