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The difference between face roller and gua sha

Face roller massage and gua sha have become an integral part of the beauty routine of many girls. Demi Moore and Rachel Zoe are already huge fans of this massage technique. Today we figure out why you need it and how to do the massage.

What is gua sha

Gua sha is the name of a massage technique that came to us from medieval China along with the name of the device itself. The scraper plate is traditionally cut out of stone or horn. We in the GoBeauty Blog choose the first because we support ecological consumption. Besides, massaging with semi-precious stones is a pleasure. The essence of the procedure is to guide the lines of the face or neck, processing the tissues, improving microcirculation and stimulating the lymphatic system.

Why it works

Stones have been used in the East since ancient times. Stone treatment has stood the test of time. Also, the method does not require special medical knowledge and additional devices, so this massage is convenient to do at home.

Due to the pressure exerted during the massage, blood flow improves, and consequently, the skin is toned, and wrinkles are smoothed. 

Quartz face rollers

These massagers quickly became one of the most fashionable devices for the face, especially in the world of Instagram and beauty bloggers. The roller became known for the ability to strengthen the natural radiance of the skin through:

  • stimulation of lymphatic drainage;
  • skin tissues detoxification;
  • an awakening of a healthy complexion;
  • improving blood circulation to nourish the skin from within.

How it works

This beauty device and technique is a little lighter than gua sha but still provides similar health benefits to your skin. Due to the specific properties of the stone itself (rich in trace elements and energy benefits), rollers provide a holistic approach to maintaining the health of the skin and well-being.

For even greater benefits, store your quartz roller in the refrigerator. It is a quick and convenient way:

  • refresh complexion;
  • reduce swelling (especially around the eyes!);
  • soothe inflammation;
  • stimulate blood circulation;
  • tighten and tone the skin;
  • wake up and feel ready to meet the coming day.

Contraindications to self-massage

In addition to universal contraindications: fever, cancer and general malaise, face roller and gua sha massage are not recommended for invasive procedures: injections, fillers, botox, etc. The movements can shift the filler and remove the drug prematurely. Besides, massage stimulates blood circulation. So it is better to wait three to six months before returning to the massage. Any inflammation, active stages of acne, rashes, or allergies can also be considered contraindications.

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