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The most stylish hairstyle 2020: The Queen’s Gambit inspires

November pleased us with a new Netflix series called “The Queen’s Gambit”, which became popular literally in the first days after release. The series became one of the most discussed this fall, and it was appreciated even by Stephen King. How did the appearance of the main character change, and what can we take of it? About this in our new article.

For those who have not watched

The events take place in Kentucky in 1957. After the death of her mother, 9-year-old Elizabeth Harmon was sent to a Christian orphanage. In the institution, children are regularly given pills, and Beth leaves green capsules for the night. There, the girl meets a cleaner Mr Shaibel and ask to teach her to play chess. In a few years, the girl will be adopted. She will have a completely different life, but a love of chess will play a significant role in it.

Beth stylish hairstyles

As in chess, everything in the series is thought out to the smallest detail. The creators of “The Queen’s Gambit” laid a unique sense literally in each Beth outfit, hairstyle and makeup.

The first act takes place in an orphanage, where a girl is no different from other girls. She has the same silly hairstyle with a bang and inconspicuous clothes. The only thing that sets the character apart from the crowd is the passion for chess smartness.


For the first time, Beth wears a gold headband before the first meeting with a family who comes to adopt her. Then Beth often wears this headband, and she also chooses it on her first shopping with her foster mother. It is easy to repeat – just put your hair following the shape of your face and wear a headband.

Bob haircut with a side bang

Living with a foster mother, Beth becomes more confident. She looks better, men like her. The hairstyle also changes – now girl wears a bob with an elongated bang, twisting the ends of her hair. Dry your hair a little without lifting it at the roots. Then, apply mousse and twist the hair tips on a curler. Fix with hairspray.

Ribbon in the hair

When Beth becomes a famous chess player, more and more interesting details appear. So, she comes to New York with a wide ribbon in her hair – the main accessory of the early and mid-’60s. It is easy to repeat such a hairstyle: twist the hair, gather it and wrap a ribbon around your head.

Perfectly styled hair

In the latest episodes of the series, Beth has become a style icon. Her hairstyle is similar to that worn by former US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Hair is slightly shorter than her shoulders, set at an oblique parting, with volume at the roots, and the tips of her locks are curled outwards. Such hairstyle, by the way, is now also trendy. To make it, apply a little styling mousse on your hair, straighten locks and twist them up with a round brush. Let them cool and fix with hairspray.

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