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The shorter the better: the most stylish haircut of autumn is chosen

Star stylists named the most fashionable haircut of the autumn-winter season.

According to hair experts, Castle Bob is especially popular this fall and winter. It is a short haircut with light curls, named after the American actress, foxtrot and tango dancer Irene Castle.

In the 1920s, the star managed to make a short haircut the main hair trend. Castle herself decided on a short bob solely because long hair interfered with her performances.

Tommy Buckett, New York hairdresser, notes that this season, Castle Bob promises to be the most popular haircut among modern fashionistas. He also reports that a trendy haircut will be a successful addition to a flawless casual look.

  • “It can be stylized, both with bangs and without it. This retro haircut has kept its sharp corners. In addition, it is absolutely universal – with styling it will look elegant, and without it, with natural locks, it will become an excellent decoration of a relaxed urban look” – he added.

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