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To the maximum: how to increase training effectiveness

You probably think that in order to get the perfect figure, it is enough not to miss your workout and eat properly. But fitness experts know some additional secrets. Remember the five effective techniques that will help you achieve the desired shape faster.

Aerobic fitness

Try to bring the amount of aerobics up to 60% of the total time. Powerlifting and stretching are also not worth billing. The advantage of aerobic fitness classes is their duration. It is difficult to find a person capable of withstanding the pressure during the same time as cardio but to begin the fat burning it is necessary to train at least 30 minutes. At the same time, it is important to work at full strength because only intensive training will make your metabolism accelerate to full. How do you determine that you are lazy? Very simple: if you are breathing hard and able to do a few more sets, be sure to do them.

Cool-down exercises

Professional trainers, as well as sports doctors, constantly state the importance of warm-up before and cool-down exercises after workouts. It is during warm-up that you can prepare the body for future work so that it responds to it beautifully formed muscle relief, not stretched ligaments and knee pain.

Cool-down exercises are important, as they help to remove the lactic acid accumulated during exercise, which is a common cause of muscle spasms. If you feel that you have overtrained and are afraid that tomorrow you will be “a little broken”, swim in the pool, perform a full stretch or try pilates. This will relieve delayed muscle pain. The effect will be double! On the one hand, you will spend more on energy retention than usual, so you will lose weight, but you will be much more cheerful tomorrow.

Proper nutrition and drinking

Experts believe that people who are not athletes should not eat before training. When you exercise without eating anything in advance, your body needs fuel and uses fat. Of course, you do not need to go to training with the feeling of animal hunger, the main thing – to feel light in the stomach.

To prevent dehydration, drink small amounts of water during your workout. Also, it contains vital oxygen. You should drink 2 to 3.5 litres of water a day, depending on your weight, to lose weight and not experience dehydration during exercise.


You can do a hardware vacuum self-massage or consult a specialist. Professional massage in the days of fitness rest will not only restore the tissues after loads but also be useful for the psyche. Massage calms the nervous system, translating the body into a treatment for microtrauma and improving the excretion of toxins. A nice bonus is reducing the body volume and improving skin tone.

Proper sleep

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. When you fall asleep, your body starts a “night shift” on which it occurs:

  • restoration of damaged cells that were exposed to UV rays, stress, etc.;
  • recovery of muscle tissue injuries;
  • increase of immunity;
  • daytime activity recovery;
  • preparation of the heart and cardiovascular system by the next day.

If you do not get enough sleep, you will gradually become more vulnerable. Scientists at Waseda University and Kao Corporation believe that overweight, obesity, and diabetes are the effects of regular lack of sleep. Earlier this phenomenon was noted by Swedish scientists. The impact of too long sleep has been less studied, but it is also known to be associated with a number of disorders, including brain activity disorders. Do you still need arguments to just relax?

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