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Trendy bangs 2021-2022

Almost every modern woman wants to bring fresh notes to her look from time to time. Trendy beauty changes bring confidence and make modern women feel more attractive.

In 2021-2022, however, as in previous years, imperfectly styled hair in the style of the 70s and bangs remain in fashion. Let’s talk about the latter in more detail.

Straight, arched, short, long and graduated forms remain fashionable.

Bangs are great for all ages, perfectly complement a round, triangular, oval face and go well with short, medium and long haircuts.

Bangs cut diagonally and laid on the side do not go out of fashion. They look great within short to medium hairstyles.

Long torn thick bangs are considered especially hot. The curls of which fit on both sides of the face. They are especially suitable for those girls who have naturally voluminous hair.

Another trend is coloured bangs for bold and open-minded girls. You can dye all bang or just its ends with bright colours.

Baby bang is not suitable for everyone. But if everything goes well, it will attract interested glances.

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