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Trendy hun hairstyle: how to style it

Hun is one of the most relevant hairstyles this year due to its simplicity and beautiful appearance. It is the abbreviated name of a half-bun hairstyle.

For what types of hair is it good

Hun looks harmonious on different hair lengths, colours and textures. You can easily make a hairstyle on short hair that reaches the ears.

It is worth trying to apply hun on bob haircut. You can style waves or experiment with straight locks.

If we talk about long hair, then styling can be done in several ways. The hair bun is both on the top and below.

Be careful if your hair is curly. For short curly hair, it is better not to try this hairstyle. Hun looks good on curly hair of 50 cm long.

The benefits of hun hairstyle

The popularity of this hairstyle today is justified because it has many advantages:

  • Convenience. The sidelocks are gathered in a hair bun, so they do not fall on the eyes.
  • Easiness – the hairstyle is simple and is done in a couple of minutes (no long combing or braiding). The more careless it is, the better.
  • Versatility. It is appropriate for any occasion: a date, a trip to the gym, shopping. For a business meeting, you can carefully gather the hair from behind.

How to style a hun

Spray the dry hair with a volume spray. It will make the locks thicker, and the bun will not lose its shape. Then, gather part of the hair on the top and make a ponytail. Wrap it around the rubber band and secure the resulting knot with pins. If desired, you can decorate your hair with accessories. You can also make two hair buns.

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