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24 October 2022


Vacuum roller massage for weight loss

Proper nutrition is the most effective and healthy weight loss method. However, if you lose weight by more than 5 kilograms, skin sagging is inevitable. In order for the skin to tighten and become elastic again, it is worth undergoing a course of vacuum roller massage. What other problems can this hardware procedure solve? Read about it in our new article.

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Operating principle

This modern technique helps not only to tighten the skin but also fights against fat deposits, including local. With the help of hardware massage, it is possible to improve the local blood circulation in any zone and affect the hardly recoverable fat, which is difficult to achieve during workouts in the gym. Moreover, the hardware technique is much more efficient manual, since the maniple is able to affect the deep fat deposits. Moving around the problem area, the device also conducts drainage of the liquid, due to which fats are burned and toxins are eliminated.

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In addition to reducing the volume of hardware, vacuum roller massage is able to effectively fight cellulite. During the procedure, the handpiece creates an airless space on the treated area of the body and increasing blood circulation. Due to the improved blood circulation, the skin is smoothed, tightened and becomes healthy. After a course of massage, stretch marks become less noticeable.

The procedure is not painful while moving the handpiece, the client feels the negative pressure that is created by a nozzle and light heat.

Indications for the procedure

Vacuum roller massage is advisable to carry out with such cosmetic defects:

  • cellulite;
  • flabbiness and sagging of the skin;
  • stretch marks;
  • excess weight.

The procedure is contraindicated:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • for cardiovascular diseases and varicose veins;
  • dysautonomia
  • during colds;
  • oncology and blood diseases.

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