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Watermelon: caloric content, benefits, how to cook

Watermelon is a delicious and healthy dessert for a hot summer day. This berry consists almost entirely of water. Besides, it is rich in electrolytes, so perfectly refreshes and quenches thirst. What else do we know about the benefits of watermelon and what delicious dishes you can prepare with it? Read about it in our new article.

The benefits of watermelon for women

Watermelon is a source of invaluable folic acid (vitamin B9). Without it, the process of building RNA and DNA, as well as cell division, does not take place. In adults, these processes are inconspicuous, slightly improves complexion and digestion. Quite another matter the body is developing in utero, it needs this vitamin vitally.

Magnesium, getting into the body, helps to absorb sodium, calcium and vitamins quickly. Also, it ensures the development and proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems.

Magnesium deficiency is easily recognised by frequent cramps, tingling in the extremities, fatigue. Watermelon contains 60% of the daily norm of magnesium, so in the summer be sure to please yourself and your body with ripe, juicy berries.


The caloric content of watermelon is quite low, so nutritionists often recommend a watermelon diet in the summer. Due to the diuretic effect, excess fluid is quickly excreted from the body. Also, the berry soon saturates the body.

Scientists have repeatedly argued that the sweet taste of the product gives a feeling of satiety. So, the unloading watermelon day will be much more pleasant and more comfortable than with cucumbers.

During the unloading day, it is allowed to eat 1-1.5 kg of watermelon and rye bread. You will not only lose a couple of hated pounds but also cleanse the body of salts, toxins, cholesterol.

Pay attention! The diet has contraindications. It can not be followed by those who are diagnosed with kidney stones with a diameter of more than 0.4 cm and reduced kidney function. Effective use of the diet is according to the scheme: two unloading days, five days off. There should be 3-4 such repetitions.

Watermelon and cheese salad

A refreshing summer salad will please with an unexpected combination of flavours.

All ingredients should be cold, serve salad and eat it immediately. In addition to taste, the mixture is beneficial. In this form, the pigment lycopene of watermelon is much better absorbed with fats, because it is fat-soluble.


  • watermelon pulp – 500 g;
  • cheese (or feta) – 150 g;
  • olive oil – 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • lime (lemon) – a small half;
  • fresh mint – a sprig;
  • ground black pepper – to taste.

Cut berry into large cubes. Cut the cheese into large cubes. Then, mix watermelon, cheese, pour oil, squeeze lime juice in a bowl. Add pepper and chopped mint.

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