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Weight loss without effort: How many steps to take for a day to lose weight

Women want so bad to get rid of a few extra pounds. Is it really possible to get rid of excess weight only with the help of ordinary walking and can it replace the tiresome workout?

How to do the walking?

“If your goal is to burn fat, walking should be part of everyday life. Such a load is useful for general health and well-being. But in walking for the sake of weight loss – the main thing is not the number of steps, but their quality “, – says Scott Laidler, the personal fitness coach of the celebrities.

In fact, walking helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and the development of diabetes by 15%. However, it should be regular and high-quality. Experts argue that 5-6 thousand steps of fast walking will be enough to eventually get rid of extra pounds. Walking at a speed of 4-5 km per hour can burn about 3 kcal/min. That is, in 30 minutes fast and high-quality walking you will get rid of about 90 kcal.

How to motivate yourself to do the walking?

The main motivation for you to take a walk on the habit should be the desirable weight loss in the first place. As soon as you see that you are getting better, and this will happen through a series of intensive classes, the desire to achieve the goal and continue will increase rapidly.

In addition, it is important to motivate yourself with beautiful sportswear and comfortable sneakers. Before the exercise, you must look in the mirror and like yourself. It is also worth picking up an energy playlist for you.

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If you do not have enough time to take a good walk, use every opportunity to go for a walk throughout the day. Discard car or public transport in any possible situation. And do not forget – while having such type of a lifestyle, it’s important to maintain a water balance. Drink lots of water and it will give you a new energy charge!

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