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What happens to the body if you do push-ups one minute a day?

Push-ups are the exercise that should be included in fitness routine for all the girls who want to get a chiselled relief of their hands and a tightened chest. This complex exercise, which involves several muscle groups at the same time, will help you get closer to your dream body.

During execution, actively work pectoralis major muscles, biceps, triceps, gluteus maximus, deltoid muscles and abdominal muscles.

Bonuses that can be felt in a few weeks:

  1. due to the load on the spine during execution, posture is improved and back muscles are strengthened;
  2. coordination of movements improves;
  3. hands are strengthened – places that are prone to injuries and sprains during active training;
  4. sports stamina develops;
  5. the relief of the hands becomes more spectacular, and the hands become more slender;
  6. chest muscles strengthen, become more toned and beautiful;
  7. the abdominal muscles become stronger and the stomach becomes flatter.

Look at how to properly perform the exercise in order to get the most out of it. The main mistakes during push-ups are shown by fitness guru Kayla Itsines.

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