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What is brow lamination, and why you need it?

The brow and lash industry is constantly offering cool novelties. All the procedures are aimed at helping eyelashes and eyebrows look well-groomed and very natural. The main beauty procedure during the holiday season is brow lamination. We will talk about it today.

What it is

Eyebrow lamination is a procedure in which the professional covers the eyebrows with special compounds for long-term styling and fixation. Sometimes it is accompanied by dyeing. As a result, the eyebrows are bright, neat and well-groomed.

The specialist first thoroughly cleans the eyebrows, then degreases them and consistently applies several serums while performing lamination.

Eyebrow care after the procedure

Eyebrows homecare after lamination is quite simple. It is better not to wet or steam the area where the procedure was performed during the first day after the procedure. So, refrain from visiting the sauna and pool. Starting the second day, all restrictions are cancelled.

How to choose a professional?

You should pay attention to several key points while choosing a brow lamination artist:

  1. Portfolio. An experienced specialist always has “before and after” photos. They are usually published on social media and the studio’s websites.
  2. Reviews.
  3. Quality of materials. The responsible brow artist will never use materials of dubious quality.
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