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What to choose: a jacket or blazer

And what’s the difference? Today we will figure out what is best to choose for different cases.

In general, both elements of the wardrobe seem to be the same. But this is only at first glance. Of course, they are similar and can sometimes replace each other. But there is still a difference. A blazer is often called a jacket as well.


The jacket is a classic item for both men and women. It has long sleeves and a collar. It is most often worn as an element of business dress code in suits with skirts or trousers. For a more leisurely business appearance, the jacket is combined with shorts or jeans. Jackets are made of more rugged fabric, the composition of which is often wool. But despite the composition, they can be for the summer season and winter. The jacket can be double-breasted and single-breasted. The double-breasted jacket has two vertical rows of buttons, one of which does not work. Single-breasted only one row of buttons, respectively. It has pockets with valves, but it is not customary to put anything in order not to impair the appearance. And sometimes, the pockets are intentionally sewn and they only perform a decorative function. If you are wearing a suit jacket separately from the other part, we recommend that you do not forget about pants or a skirt of a suit. And try to wear as often. Why? If one element of the suit is worn more than the other, it will be washed more often and as a consequence – will change its appearance. And over time, they will look out of place to each other.


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It can be called the simplified version of a jacket. The history of the blazer begins a long time ago. It was a classic naval uniform, protecting sailors from wind and rain. Over time, the blazer has become a familiar element of women’s wardrobe. The blazer has overhead pockets without a valve. They are also like a jacket, can be sewn and only decorative. The blazer is suitable for more free business dress code. It is also combined with a jacket with a skirt, pants, shorts or jeans. Depending on the event. But the blazer often does not have its “suit” pair. With a strict business dress code, the blazer will not be appropriate. Dress it up in casual style outfits.


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But in the modern world of fashion, any rules can be broken. Sometimes it is even encouraged. Combine “incompatible” with each other. But be sure to do it naturally and appropriately to your style and event.

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