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What will happen to the body after giving up sugar

We are warned from childhood about the dangers of alcohol and drugs but often kept silent about the enormous risks posed by foods high in sugar. And the word “addiction” in this case is a reality, not an exaggeration. According to a British study in 2013, sugar is addictive. The more you eat, the more you want. Giving up sugar is an important victory over yourself and habits. We tell you what will change in the body if you stop eating sugary foods.

The extra pounds will go away

Of course, it is the most expected result of giving up sugar, and this is evidenced by a variety of low-carbohydrate diets. It’s no secret that sugar is a carbohydrate, and the fewer carbohydrates we eat, the faster the weight loss process. Besides, sugar is often part of foods that are high in calories, such as the same confectionery. That is why the extra pounds will go away immediately after you minimize the amount of it in nutrition!

More energy

Usually, we want sweet when energy reserves run out. But it’s tricky: in fact, the body’s energy reserves are almost infinite. Stop eating sweets and you will feel more energetic and full of energy. There will be no unpleasant jumps in blood sugar. The body will obey unquestioningly, without fuss, without demanding chocolate and threatening untimely sleep or fainting.

You will be able to appreciate the real taste of the food

Some people never drink tea or coffee without sugar, have no idea about the existence of juices that contain it, etc.

Try to drink favourite beverages without adding sugar, and you will feel original taste. At first, it will seem strange and unusual, but soon you can not imagine how you used to drink your favourite tea or coffee with sugar.

Immunity will rise

High concentrations of sugar (as gluten) causes chronic inflammation. With this symptom, which makes the body weaker as a whole, the chances of catching a cold increase significantly. And lowering sugar levels, therefore, reduces these chances. Also, in some cases, a no sugar diet alleviates the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

Normalization of the intestine work

The intestines suffer the most from the consumption of foods containing sugar, as it is engaged in their breakdown. Besides, due to the excess of sweets develop dysbacteriosis and inflammation, deteriorating enzymes, which can cause oncology of the pancreas and intestines. Excluding raffinate and increasing fibre intake will improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

The skin will retain its youth

Large amounts of sweet in the diet can reduce the elasticity of the skin. Fortunately, research shows that less sugar can prevent premature skin ageing.

Memory and concentration will improve

Sweets impair the body’s cognitive functions, weakens memory and interferes with concentration. This conclusion was reached by scientists of a University of California after a series of studies.

Dental health will improve

Everyone knows about the negative effects of sweets on teeth. They stimulate the growth of bacteria and the destruction of enamel, which leads to caries. By eliminating raffinates, you can reduce the risk of tooth decay.

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