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When it’s time to start anti-ageing facial care

This question worries many modern women and girls. However, to decide on this issue is sometimes not so easy, so the opinions of cosmetologists are polarly different. Some experts recommend starting anti-age care no earlier than 30. Others advise the regular use of anti-ageing products at a younger age to prevent wrinkles. Some believe that you need to look not at age, but the skin condition. Where is the truth? Let’s figure it out together.

When the ageing process begins

It is impossible to name exact terms of organism ageing. This is an individual process, and passport data is completely useless here. It depends on several factors:

  • lifestyle and nutrition;
  • features of a body;
  • genetics and other factors.

The first “bell” that warns that it is time to think about means to delay skin ageing is its stress reaction. It is expressed in the fact that washing with cold water and a cup of strong coffee is no longer able to erase the effects of a nervous breakdown or a sleepless night.

An even more obvious sign of ageing is the appearance of small wrinkles. They become deeper if you do not take appropriate care.

Is it possible to provoke ageing by starting to use anti-age cosmetics too early?

Not. Simply put, the components of the anti-ageing cream work where there is work for them. And if the skin is young, the cream will be used slightly idle (although it will nourish and moisturize the skin).

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There are many other factors for premature skin ageing. And they should be feared more than the anti-age inscription on the jar of cream. For example, smoking, sleepless nights, parties in stuffy rooms with too much alcohol, sedentary lifestyle. But the cream does not harm your appearance.

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