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Why hairdressers recommend using professional haircare cosmetics, Photo 1079

29 August 2022


Why hairdressers recommend using professional haircare cosmetics

Mass-market cosmetics are often ineffective and work amazingly only on TV commercials. You reassure yourself that they are at least not expensive, but the issue of haircare is still open. Let's see what the fundamental difference between hair cosmetics in the segments of mass-market and professional. And why do we need to pay more?

How professional hair cosmetics are different from the usual

  • The effect is observed after 2-3 procedures since the composition of the products contain the active compounds in increased concentration compared to conventional products. Conventional cosmetics are focused on long-term continuous use, while professional cosmetics are used only in courses, between which it is necessary to take breaks.
  • Due to the increased amount of silicone and keratin, the structure of both its ‘body’ and split ends is quickly restored.
  • The peculiarity of professional hair cosmetics is to retain in its composition substances-conductors, which facilitate the penetration of active substances deep into the hair structure, whereas ordinary products penetrate only into the surface layers.
  • Brands add a lot of conditioning ingredients to give the hair a splendour and ease combing.
  • Cosmetics must undergo clinical trials and should be labelled.
  • All professional cosmetics are available in large volume containers, as they are aimed primarily at professional use in hairdressing salons. The label of such products is not intrusive, which is typical of conventional media. The large volume and the lack of advertising significantly reduce the cost of cosmetics, which is especially important for professional cosmetics that are expensive.

What brands do professionals recommend?


It is an American brand of haircare cosmetics, which does not contain synthetic elements, oils, acids, aldehydes, which have an aggressive and negative effect on the hair structure. Due to efficiency, lines of products are rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Cosmetics have several advantages:

  • improves blood circulation of the scalp;
  • nourishes the hair follicles;
  • forms uniform fat layers throughout the surface of the scalp;
  • removes irritation, redness, burns and other damage to the skin after dyeing;

First of all, the American brand’s cosmetics should be used for weakened and damaged hair, dull, thin. And it is suitable for restoration of curls after curling, cardinal change of colour.


The cosmetics are manufactured using environmental technologies. The company's position is to take from nature all that it gives us without causing harm. Davines does not contain any harsh chemicals. Instead, natural plant analogues are used. These products are designed to care for not only hair but also scalp. Shampoos do not over-dry it,  conditioners and masks are saturated with useful ingredients.

The Davines product range also includes cleansing care (serums, lotions), styling products.


The name of the brand comes from the Greek Kerastos, which translates as keratin, a component that makes up 80% of our hair.

Haircare products are divided into series:

  • nourishing (selected by hair type);
  • strengthening (affects the structure of hair throughout the depth, giving it a natural shine and health);
  • Reflection line is used for coloured hair;
  • a series of special care (aimed at the prevention and elimination of high fat and hair loss, dandruff remedies);
  • Dermo-calm line maintains the health of the scalp and hair of dry, normal and mixed types;
  • Noctogenist series of daily care (moisturizing, restoring, nourishing);
  • Great results show Kerastase sunscreen;
  • Biotic cosmetics that enhance the regenerative function of the scalp and stimulate hair growth.


This manufacturer has an honourable place in the world market of professional hair products. MATRIX has a wide selection of hair care and restoration products, professional colouring and styling products.

MATRIX products have the following advantages:

  • provide professional haircare;
  • the result after the application of cosmetics is stored for a long time;
  • MATRIX shampoo and conditioners are cost-effective;
  • the hair is not used to the cosmetics and the products work perfectly for a long time, and if desired, shampoo can be changed to another.