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07 January 2023


Winter bonuses for beauty and health

The winter blurs the cheeks with frost, pleases with the sparkling snow and the play of sun on icicles. Of course, it is a little cool, but it is not as stuffy and hot as in the summer, there is no dirt in the spring and not as cloudy as in the fall. Still not in love with this time of year? There are many health and beauty benefits in the winter. GoBeauty Blog will help you notice them.

Enhancement of immunity

Low temperatures strengthen the body. And the frost itself disinfects the air, cleansing it of viruses, germs and allergens. By the way, earlier it was decided to bundle the newlyweds in the winter in droppings – it was thought that it would help offspring to be healthier. Particularly useful in the cold to exercise. This increases the production of interferon and activates leukocytes responsible for the fight against infections.

Improving sleep quality

Long nights, that promote the production of melatonin in the body, act on us as a sleeping pill. And the quality of sleep is known to depend on health. By the way, in the dream, you can still lose weight. But for this, the temperature in the bedroom should be in the range of 19° to 21°, then special enzymes will be produced that promote the burning of fats.

Maintenance of skin youth

The human body can withstand being in the heat much easier than in the cold – and so there is scientific justification. Yes, our skin is equipped with special receptors that respond to temperature – and sensitive to frost in it seven times more than those that respond to the effects of heat. By the way, the sun and its harmful radiation – the main enemy of youth and beauty – according to recent studies of dermatologists, have given way to the effects of low temperatures. Thus, twenty minutes of being under scorching rays are less dangerous for the tone and general condition of the epidermis than for the same twenty minutes under the conditions of the Far North.

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Cold helps to lose weight

To lose weight more effectively, you need to be connected to the cause of frost. The body, forced to spend energy not only on movement but also on heating of the body, will have nothing left but to spend fat reserves. Besides, it is known that being in the cold enhances the production of thyroid thyroxine – one of the main “fat-burning” hormones. Proponents of this Cryosystem believe that the process will go faster if in the winter to go on a diet and exercise to move from a warm sports club to the cold. Exercising – outdoors, instead of a treadmill and a swimming pool – a snow-covered walkway in the park and outdoor air baths. Plus skiing, ice skating, ice hockey, soccer in the snow – what the doctor has long prescribed to everyone without exception.

No allergies

As winter fades away and plants do not bloom, allergy sufferers can relax – seasonal hay fever in the cold season cannot be. Dust allergy is also minimized, as there is high humidity. So it makes sense to spend the winter with your mind – to be examined, to find out your allergens. It is not necessary to delay treatment, as the course is quite long – about 40 injections 2-3 times a week. And it is important to have time to start by mid-summer.