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Winter trends 2023

It is very convenient that you can use many elements of autumn looks, usually with warm clothes and shoes. Global trends are driving us to conscious shopping. Not only does this save on budget and avoid unnecessary things in the wardrobe, but also contribute to the conservation of the environment. Before shopping, we recommend that you think and plan your purchases. We have compiled a list of major trends for the coming winter. This will help you create some base outfits for the winter of 2023.

Trends this season allow you to choose the most comfortable things while maintaining the relevance of the wardrobe.

Wide shoulders

80s-style jackets, dresses and outerwear. You can really choose jackets from men’s collections. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the maximum female waist. Use thin belts or choose styles that already have a clearly defined waist.


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Tractor sole boots

Another rough trend, reminiscent of an item in men’s wardrobe. They resemble military boots. High sole, lace, metallic decorative elements all depend on your taste and preferences. In addition to relevance, such boots also combine practicality. Leather boots with insulation are suitable even for the coldest and snowiest days.

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Fur coats

It’s time to forget about natural fur, an incredible number of alternatives have emerged. The appearance of high-quality artificial fur allows diversifying the colour range and styles, but without losing the heat of the fur coats. Bright colours, animalistic and floral prints – choose what you like.


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Quilted clothing and accessories

In the fall, Bottega Veneta introduced a trend that immediately took the leading positions and transitions to winter collections. This trend is also a combination of incredibly practical and relevant. Quilted things are very warm and cosy.


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With these three trends, you can create cool and warm outfits.

Further less practical, but an incredibly stylish idea for a winter wardrobe. 

Leather clothing

You can create a full leather outfit or select only a few items. And this element can be not only trousers but also a shirt. Choose dark, deep shades of emerald, Marsala or classic black. You should also look at leather dresses and skirts. But in no case should it be mini. Pair with volumetric sweaters to create unusual and stylish looks.

Sheepskin coats

Remember? Many in childhood were such. And now again several seasons in a row are relevant. Unlike the last century, now the choice of styles and colours is much greater. But to choose natural or artificial, it is at your discretion.


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