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With serious consequences: how cosmetics can harm, Photo 793

29 July 2022


With serious consequences: how cosmetics can harm

Buying another cosmetic jar, we hope that it will solve all our problems – to get rid of wrinkles, acne and inflammation. But sometimes the desired remedy can do more harm than good. What are the dangers of cosmetics and what should you beware of? GoBeauty learned about it.


The constant change of skin cosmetics is more frightening than any horror movie. Not having time to get used to one composition, it is forced to immediately adapt to the new. So allergies are not far away. This may be your intolerance to certain components contained in the composition of the cream or powder, or it may be a signal that the cosmetics have already expired. The main rule – if as a result of its use you notice that the skin showed allergic rashes, itching, redness, the natural state of the skin has deteriorated – immediately stop using this product.

Increasing skin problems

Cosmetics can also aggravate the skin. For dry skin type, you need to use cosmetics on a greasy basis, instead of dry powder, do not use dry shadows and apply oily. For oily skin, it is best to choose a non-alcohol based drying product, as oily skin may well be dehydrated. Recently, a pattern has emerged to produce decorative cosmetics with biologically active additives that reduce inflammation, improve skin elasticity, moisturize.

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Cosmetologists are increasingly accusing cosmetics of acne and black spots, and consider the label “non-comedogenic” to be a marketing ploy. To keep your skin healthy, experts suggest that you carefully study the composition of the product before purchasing it. And if you find lanolin, mineral oils, isopropyl palmitate, coconut and cocoa butter or silicones in cosmetics, be careful with it. How to read labels? Usually, the ingredients are listed in order of their quantity and importance in the composition of the product. The first 3-4 ingredients are the most active substances. They should be carefully studied, the rest at your discretion.

How to choose the right cosmetics? Figuratively speaking, you need to take your face in your own hands and, through trial and failure, find your unique path to beauty. For someone, it can be thorny, confusing and long. But no one knows your body and your face better than you. Living habits, diet, stress level, place of residence play an important role, so cosmetics are just a small element in the overall puzzle that some have to figure out.